Eccedentasiast  She smiles  Convincingly she smiles And  They think she’s happy , She’s content  They know not her pain Her miseries understood by none For she’s the one…, Who often smiles. She wins the crown…. For never having a frown  She wears a happiness gown  The eccedentasiast she is….. For skipping the tears… Never permitting … Continue reading Eccedentasiast


Honesty evades us honestly, And asks for shelter pleadingly. The hurts inflicted by the untruth, Are morals simply gone uncouth. It weeps and agonizes longingly, For the truth to emerge boldly. Suffocating from being under wraps, Disguised by some unscrupulous chaps. Alas! Lies have gained popularity, Despite their dark, sly notoriety. Children conceit their own … Continue reading HONESTY