She smiles 

Convincingly she smiles


They think she’s happy ,

She’s content 

They know not her pain

Her miseries understood by none

For she’s the one…,

Who often smiles.

She wins the crown….

For never having a frown 

She wears a happiness gown 

The eccedentasiast she is…..

For skipping the tears…

Never permitting them to roll down 


Beneath the smile…

Is a traumatized soul

Felt by none

Her spirit is battered 


Spirit is shattered

As they all go on and on….

With the trainload of fun

Their agendas inexhaustible 

Their hopes upon her chores

There seems no end

To their desires


She moves along

Never looking back…

She aspires her glory

But its a sad story 

For they thrive on her duties 

And thankless they appear

Unmindful of the hurt 

They hurl upon her soul

She hides her pain 

And yet,

She smiles! 


2 thoughts on “Eccedentasiast

  1. For she has the divine gift
    Her sorrow passes swift
    The hurled insults fall adrift
    Not accepted back goes gift

    Her tears release her from pain
    A natural cure Otis only gain
    It cleanses, refreshes like rain
    Afresh anew is her soul again

    Each day is a gift in her step
    As if she had never ever wept
    No scar on her being she kept
    To every occasion in joy kept

    This is Laxmi blessed
    As mother is graced
    As sister to you raced
    All ready to be faced

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