Couplets of Nature


The dusky sentiments touch the heart
The setting of the Sun spread gold
The mesmerizing sea very bold
The waiting benches call you
The moon wanting to emerge
The sheet of the sky overspread
The magical hues never do suspend


The spread of white so seemingly pure

Unblocked all emotions to the bare

The cold layers of winter are here

Demanding warm hugs full of care



Standing lonely on watery land

The quiet around the noisy shore

He ponders where his mates doth fare

Reflection reflects his thoughts obscure



Wings desperate to take a flight

Sanctity maintained in all might

The feathery feelings form a chain

Queuing up like links of the train


Photo credits: Shariffa Keshavjee, Sandeep Bagga and Meenakshi Karira.


The Sea Mediterranean

Waves upon waves, attracting attention
Thy beauty stupendous,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Surf upon surf, surrendered satisfaction
Thy waters courageous,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Reflection upon reflection, soulful affection
Thy calmness serene,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Shells and precious minerals, crystallized collection
Thy gifting galore,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Beaches and beaches, far spreading destination
Thy magnanimity vast,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

The Sun, The Moon, The stars, follow an obligation
Thy mirrored appearance,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

The Sailors and Surfers, take tidal directions
Thy journeys enchanting
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

The sports of aquatic, bring exciting titillation
Thy rafting gliding landing,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean

Merging earth, water, Sky, inculcate imagination
Thy poetic scenic visual,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Quest upon quest, geographic validation
Thy historic education,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.

Empires upon empires, witnessed conquest action
Thy Lineage abundant,
Oh! The Sea Mediterranean.


Pictures by Sikiladi at a Beach in Barcelona .