“Be my Valentine! Will you be?”

He asked her and she walked past him

Ignoring the plea, head turned away

She teased his sentiments and walked with a sway

He gulped the saliva silently

He was hurt, felt dejected, shut his eyes

He felt insulted, the humiliation hit

She chose not to pause and walked past him

He gathered himself with sanity

He shall not lower his self dignity

Angered and hurt, he stood up and brushed himself

He gave a sly smile as she walked past him

His mind had shifted to a plan different

She flung her rejection for she was ignorant

He whistled, swayed his hair with a light stroke

She was quizzed, gave a stealthy glance backwards

She pretended to ignore, yet, her feet froze to inaction

It was her turn to gulp down the saliva

There up on the edge of the hill

Where he had been waiting, silent and still

He wasn’t there!

She heard a thud! there was no scream

Her heart sank, and, sadness engulfed

She ran towards the hill top to look for him

He was gone, forever, leaving no message

Yet, the message of dejection was obvious

She fainted, having cursed her action oblivious

And then, she woke up to his words

Rubbing her eyes, she looked up at birds

But, What she saw, froze her again

He was right there, sitting at the hill

Waiting for her like each day

Perhaps, It was a dream

She had ignored him for days

And he had persisted in his love

She ran towards him unashamed

For, now her attitude was somewhat tamed

It was now, her turn to ask him,

“Will you be my Valentine?”

In her mind she vowed not to walk past him

Never, never ever again! 

He gave a faint smile, it felt heavy

She went closer, offered her hand

His hand came forward too, she saw it

Yet, When she touched his hand

It felt like a vacuum 

Was he there? Was it still a dream?

And then, she saw him fade away

Gradually gone with the wind!

For, souls cannot be touched by the touch

Yet, he gave his life waiting for that touch.



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