Tiny appearance and large magnitude,

Little steps with a immense attitude.

Crawling speed of engaged fortitude,

It’s judgement incomparable in execute.

Wondrous are its many movements,

Some hurtful yet some very joyous events.

To some it along with universe conspires,

Belief says it’s fair and knows no bias.

Some find solace in its healing treats,

Others fret about its so called deceits.

The passage of time in all its stride,

Gives the feel of a roller coaster ride.

It rules  the  roost of  mighty  rulers,

Shaking thrones  and  kingdom pillars.

With goings good, times are good they say,

In circumstances poor, a game of time doth play.

It determines the wheel of thy karmic bonds,

Releasing and gripping by timely absconds.

The passage of time in all innocence,

Worthy or worthless in equal essence.

Marking the chapters of historic tales,

Eventful endings of happy fairy tales.

Births and rebirths, illness and death,

Time comes to all with visible stealth.

The shifts of days and nights it decides,

Months following months by all abides.

A terrorist act, a holy sacral age,

Events  and  eras are its turn of a page.

The passage of time  through ages vast,

Teaching a lesson to present from the past.

The Holy and the Unholy times in its passage,

The Saintly and the unsaintly times in its carriage.

The Hateful and the love filled times in it luggage,

The Divine and the Satanic times in its fuselage.

The passage of time so fresh and so vintage,

Lessons many are learnt under its tutelage.

When valued not by some it is sheer wastage,

It can attack with a mighty vengeance ace.

When valued highly it becomes priceless,

No riches can buy time though it is ageless.

It bridges the gaps of many generations,

Time is crucial in life’s given calculations.

In ignorance it’s thought to be in abundance,

But when it is lost it leaves behind all grievance.

Behaving hand in glove with memories many,

The passage of time is unfetchable by any.

Holding the future in its secret pocket,

It folds the vast past in its rich treasures.

Gripping the present in its strong fist,

Chores unaccounted it has on its list.

Decisions of how long each seed shall need,

To growth and flourish of fullness from a bead.

Decisions of how long each creature lives,

In womb state or as life form that it gives.

The length of the days,nights,weeks and years,

The festive timely cheers followed by prayers.

With passage of time the destiny rules,

Each Christmas, Eid, Diwali on its spools.

The snow comes falling at its instructions,

The dark and the light under its directions.

The passage of time controls the desires,

Of childhood, adulthood and aged empires.

With time the earthy minerals that unite,

And spread the joys of nourishing delight.

With time the universe so wisely conspires,

With time the sunshine shows its powers.

With time the night comes to shut the covers,

With time the moonlight chases the lovers.

With time the clouds burst with rainy respite,

With time the seedlings nurture in daylight.

Time gathers untamed gathers of dismay,

Time heals the wounds of disparity at bay.

Time so short yet so very long to chart,

Unmeasurable its mercies by the cart.

The ages, the eras, the sages, the yards,

All caged under its mercy and wrath guards.

The passage of time at each ones path,

Designs the paths of our loving hearts.

Of times of love and times of regret,

In equal measures we all doth get.

It never allows anyone to forget,

It’s crucial role in our life’s carpet.

With time it many mysteries unfolds,

With time it gives us all thresholds.

The passage of time in bountiful loads,

Decides our lives in the justice courts.



The pearl within your loving heart,

Lies dormant in a lengthy sleep,

Wrapped under the protective shell,

Silently in loneliness it weeps.

Awaken O! Soul, arise you must,

Unpack the covering of your heart’s crust.

Break open from the social norms,

Peep within and fill up your forms.

The master wizard lays deep within,

The weaver spins all fabric within.

Unknown to you, the world within,

So pure and pious, just dwell within.

The sheath of rust that covers your might,

Is nothing but falsities  of Life within.

Unfold the sheath and peep within

And you shan’t ever commit a sin.

The pearl of purity ever so white,

Shines so sparkling vividly bright.

Encapsulated by the sheer wisdom

Of Divinity that never brings boredom.

Engaging, enlightening, empowering thus,

Thou learns acceptance without a fuss.

Thy heart flower emerges from its bud,

Spreading fragrance to you and yours.

The fragrance that unifies and merges,

The heart to soul and soul to purpose.

The purpose so high, the target so far,

Achieving victory by finding the pearl.

The pearl of wisdom, the ever so pure,

The God like thoughts that take you ashore.

Why waste thy time, the moments so precious,

By indulgence in trivial, frivolous thoughts vicious.

You are above those unwarranted griefs of life,

That lead you low causing misery and Strife.

In acceptance and gratitude live thy lovely life,

Discover the pearl hidden under life disguise.

It gives you an appointment with your source,

By bringing forth the Divine Light resource.

Be thy religious or study academic course,

The Divine within you shall need no discourse.

Open the Eye – of your forehead chakra,

The Magical vision of like an abracadabra.

The potion of knowledge that lay asleep,

Spreads in your brain and runs nerve deep.

The discovered untainted white pearl thine,

Awakens you to You the God, You the Divine.

The all in one and the one in all comes alive,

The world is akin to us, as to bees the beehive.

Loosen and break open the chambers of hive,

At the Core, the innermost shore, is the true Life.

The worthy shall win that priceless prize,

The trophy of the soul, The medal of the core.

The self realized, The self awakened Masters wise,

Shall place the Pearl forthright, help others to rise.







Published in the Asian Weekly issue # 302

When the mind is without all fear
Life takes no halt to change the gear
Every being is to each other dear
And love dwelleth holding glee and cheer

When the peace cometh without a care
Fearlessly thou shall wander with dare
No news shall bring forth any scare
And inhibitions will be a fare so rare

When flights of fantasy soar flying high
Imaginations that rise to touch the sky
Faiths doth so faithful no one can buy
And dreams chase happiness like a spy

When abundant is each heart’s health
Joy, peace pills are the greatest wealth
Hours of days unmeasurable by a twelfth
And no one ever lives in disguised stealth

When oneness in life shall so unite
The hearken brook and the mighty tide
The seedlings, animals, fruits and flowers
And the earth, water, fire, air together abide

When hungers all to the brim satiated
Every soul enabled, awakened, facilitated
No one insecure and never ever agitated
And the fashion of love is never outdated

When light of divinity shines so bright
That every life breathes glowing light
From baseless rituals there be respite
And the divine wisdom is easy delight

When winds of hatred see despair
Freedom from bondage climbs its stair
Words get penned with worthy flair
And birdlike wings take to the air


The disliked pig,and the holy cow,

Shrug their paths,and shake a brow

How does one survive,

The troubled times?

Where bloodied anger rules,

over ethnic wars and tribal fights

Where priests are hiding,

and thieves are abiding

To hatred and weapons,

Of cultural differences.

The snakes that rattle,

enjoy and love the battle

Where fingers raise high,

and elbows in desperation fly

Where one’s Holy book,

seems other’s unholy crook.

Where patience runs dry,

And taps of filth doth fly.

The world has come to a bitter state.

When words strike anger on Twitter slate.

When media juggles to and fro,

Not knowing their loyalties where do go.

Covering sentiments though so personal,

Stories that raise rugged bars of arsenal.

Desperation that increases per breath,

Forcing Living life being like the dead.

At each road stead and each little curve,

Hearts palpitate breaking all nerve.

When the dark clouded appears the sky,

Unfriendly it behaves and acts oh so sly.

The murky waters of families that cry,

losing faith of parenthood to incest and abuse.

And the very sisterhood that’s become a refuse,

when motherhood kills daughters  at birth go dry.

Rejecting people in their rightful land,

separated are clans and families, wife and husband.

Finding solace asking for a land of refuge,

they seek a shelter, merciless is that deluge.

Causing hungers with unwelcome weathers,

Flooding, famines, eruptions, mudslides,

And birds shedding their Phoenix feathers.

They say when the doomsday comes,

Nothing in sight that yey welcomes.

The world will then be born anew,

Akin to seedlings in the pot that grew.

Taking height of growth and nurture

Bringing in some born new culture.

Awaiting days full oh hope and sunshine,

When all religions Unite, none mine and thine.

When Love alone rules the roost,

The crust of humanity gets a boost.

When taps run waters filtered with joy,

And Mother Earth breathes not so coy.

Where plastics don’t suffocate the fish,

And the guns go silent as per our wish.

When each one celebrates being just human,

And cherishes brotherhoods so common.

Caring, sharing, giving and nurturing

Becomes humanities new found religion.

Terror Strikes


Terror strikes in Paris  again,

hatred that spreads without a gain.

Too many causing innumerable pain,

emotions through eyes a many they rain.

Gone without a bye the dead and the slain,

would they have felt fear and the pain?

Why do peace efforts go in vain?

Why do terrorists strike again and again?

Oh, My Lord, why are you so quiet?

Where  is your justice? Why has it gone so silent?

They come and bring in the disquiet,

yet you watch them go aggressive and become violent.

Did they commit a crime of having fun,

at the concert being silenced by the gun?

The stadium that is for action and game,

will now be known for unworthy fame.

Dining out to have some delicacies,

became their lives expensive fallacies.

For being gunned down at having a meal,

losing out life in its nourishing zeal.

Shutting the borders, closing the routes,

is terror smiling at its victory in cahoots?

Silence it can’t the loving hearts,

The truth and wisdom shall prevail.

Shedding fear, raise your heads high,

not letting terror run you down and nigh.

Raising voice against insecurity,

by teaching the coming generation,

honesty, solidarity, oneness and integrity.

Reformatting the mind consciousness ,

nurturing love and its abundant uniqueness,

and never overpowered by powerlessness,

let us unite, stand as One in humanity and supremeness.



“Tread carefully, for you tread on my existence,

You  walk  on  the  path of  my  sustenance.”

I hear  that  little  voice in  my  imagination,

of  a  being  of  God, his  silent  creation,

and I look down as I am about  to  step,

pacing to and fro, counting  each  step.

It gave me a scare, oh! good heavens!

I would have crushed to death by sevens,

the trail of ants, busy in some celebration,

moving hurriedly in a patterned organization.

Close, very  close  to  my  sketchered  foot,

a clan of ants would have died in all likelihood.

I learnt a lesson and felt immense guilt

unknown to me wonder how many I have killed.

The lessons of my Soul’s Journey Home

I am Me, I am alone but never Alone

I have  a  role to  play  in  this so called game  of  life

My being is not just a daughter, sister, mother or wife

The goal is higher, the  purpose  is  pure

to reach higher above to the shore so obscure

Many on the path souls need the comfort and cure

a helping hand, a healing heart they need for sure.

Awareness and observation at each move of life

becoming  a  formless  form   of  ‘seva’  in  disguise.

Being so conscious of not stepping on a fallen flower

lest a bee rest inside, nourishing on it’s source of power.

Watching the backpacked snail and the slimy slug passing

changing my path to save it by diversion while walking.

Feeding  the  birds  and  gaining  the  pleasure

they help me instead and give me a leisure

lightening my soul with the heavy burden off some karma

reminding me always of my once forgotten ‘sva – dharma’ .

The duties  that  are  yet  to  be  fulfilled

saving the planet with my effort by a little bit

negating away  negative  thoughts  and  deeds

Promising a Present and a Future of positive deeds

Spreading  the  abundance  of  love  and  joy

to  all  hurting  creatures  in  pain  that  cry

Fighting terror  and  hatred  with  Love  and  Light

a  vision  when  all hearts  are vibrant  and  bright

A time when all beings,  all forms  of life shall chant’

“I love the you in me, I love the me in you”, and unite

And we all shall rejoice in the truth that is Oneness

beyond forms & faiths, creeds & castes reigns our Supremeness

” I am an entity of God, hence I am part God ” be the knowledge

“Thus I must act like God and demolish all corrupt thought”.

It is my job to change my thinking, save the life boat from sinking

shed the unwanted dogma, cheating and mindful shrinking.

With the activated glands of Pineal and pituitary

passing  through  the  rings  of  fire  with  victory.

Undertaking the tasks of world’s responsibility

saving the society with knowledge and educability

Each one of us must realize our purpose of life

is greater, much greater than silly divisions of rife.

Acceptance of all pleasant and unpleasant in attitude

Learning to live with forgiveness and gratitude

Be the key mantra to the pleasures and happiness of life,

go with the flow and enjoy the sometime bumpy ride of life.