They come and pay a visit

They pray but really do they?


Visitors come to condole the dead

Wonder what’s going on in their head

Do they really come to comfort?

Or do they simply see your hurt?

Draped in whites or blacks they come

Or adorning pastels they become

To show their affection they give a hug

For you are living with the grief bug

It feels good, it surely does

When they narrate their tales

about the deceased for your ears

your heart pounds in grief evermore

but with a smile at learning more

about your loved one that you lost

you wouldn’t miss on these at any cost

And then your turn to speak up comes

wiping your tears you speak of death

of its how and when and where in a breathe

And of the unfortunate vacuum that is left

on losing your own one within your depth

You cry at times and smile again

you remember the moments time and again

the happy days and painfilled hours

of suffering and joys in distinct blend

They offer solace, they give comfort

But to your needs in oblivion

unsatisfied yet with their condolences

You have your own silence preferences

As you wish to be simple left alone

For no one can be your loved one’s clone

You crave for that voice with a magical tone

You long for that figure around the grove

They come pouring in different emotions around

They come to share your grief by being a surround

But they fail at times in healing your heart

As you see visible signs of faking on their part

You need them yet you need them not

It’s a strange sentiment that’s understood not

And then there are those who cannot come

Yet they care for you from their home

The phone calls and letters mean something

Their condolence cards that you love reading

and sharing with our other dear ones

Together in grief those are the ones’

They come with flowers of lighter shades

they come with poems of different grades

They offer condolences in various ways

They make you feel loved on your gloomy days



Photo Credits : Google images

4 thoughts on “Condolences

  1. Yes indeed it’s love we need
    And support we also need
    We know we are cherished
    When a hand on us placed
    Flowers with words on a card
    Some words scribed by a bard
    Yet solitude we seek its so hard
    Self love and acceptance reward
    Monica your words are my reward

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  2. The bereaved one goes through all the gestures and words while being consoled but so so difficult to fill that gap left by one who is gone! The bereaved one wishes just to have one look at the one who is gone, hear that voice only once, touch and hug the one who is gone! But alas! All in vain! A tear trickles down the cheek just praying that may the one who is gone is okay wherever he/she is!

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