Ho’oponopono seva : a healer’s dairy

I Am! Sharing a subtle seva experience:

It was my mum’s death anniversary yesterday as per Hindu dates and I decided to go spend some time with an elderly person who is lonely. Though I didn’t spend money do any charity but I spent quality time.
Realized that he is dwelling in the past and feeling painful with the hurtful memories of people and of occasions when he was humiliated. So I took him through the steps of Ho’oponopono and taught him how to feel lighter having released those disturbing thoughts. He felt very good at doing so.

Why did he feel good? Simply by asking forgiveness and forgiving and that’s something he hadn’t done in a long time. Over the years of his success from being a nobody, a poor person he had grown to be a person of name, fame, means and abundance and commanded a fair amount of respect in the Kenyan society. Though consciously he hadn’t harmed or hurt those who ever did that to him, their behaviors in his earlier days started disturbing him in his old and lonely days.

To satiate your curiosity let me share what I led him to do.
1. Think of one person at a time who emotionally disturbed you.
2. Speak out his/her name aloud in your mind and say the following sentences to him/her

a) I am Sorry

b) Please forgive me and I forgive you for your behavior towards me.
c) I Thank you for being in my life as I learnt lessons from you.
d) I Love you (this is toughest to say but having said that you rise above hatred, hurt and humility that you had felt : you become larger than the person)

The elderly gentleman had on occasions even assisted the same hurtful people as a professional later on without having grudges and had learnt to live with the ways of the world as guided by the teachings of the Hindu spiritual text ‘Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta’ but his present day loneliness often drags him to unpleasant past memories and he needed help. I sensed this as a healer and tried to do what I could do.

I will be trying to keep up and keep reminding him to practice this as at a certain age people tend to forget what to do and how to do.
In the process I realized how much it was helping me too as I am going through a disturbing period myself.
I felt a sense of gratitude towards ⁨Kamal Tolia ⁩ for the lovely tools such as Ho’oponopono that she has equipped me with.

I shave realized the immense power of forgiveness via several happenings in my life and have over the years conducted quite a few workshops to train others to this beautiful art of acceptance and forgiveness.

Monica Gokaldas, Nairobi


Kamal Tolia’s response to this :

Monica you are welcome.

Sharing time is what everyone can do. Yes it doesn’t cost money, but in many ways, time is money. So when we give time, we are spending.

That is why we have the English expressions . .

I SPENT time. . .

It COSTS me a lot of time. .

You cant BUY time. .

FREE UP ur time . .

But u did a beautiful seva by giving of yr time without any expectation of a return. . . But the return came, none the less. . .

You gained what u helped the other gain.

And lastly, the Ho’ponopono is in a class of its own. Nothing more to be said!

Love and Light

8 thoughts on “Ho’oponopono seva : a healer’s dairy

      1. Awwww that’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so happy for you. Ho’oponopono is very therapeutic and if I may suggest: please repeat this for at least 3 days and if you can then do it for 9 days. You will be glowing with love oozing within yourself.

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