On the rocky road of life
You came as a smooth slide.

On the disturbed state of mind
You came as an angel guide.

Scattered were my dreams
You transformed them to streams.

The streams that never go rough
Though life journey may be tough.

When my spirits plunged so low
You scooped them and made me grow.

When I childlike cried those tears
You altered my life’s crude gears.

I thought I am wise and educated
Not knowing the lessons so truncated.

Kamal you lifted me so manifold
With the learning that was untold.

I was a withering bud closed and cold
You fragranced me, turned into a marigold.

When the world seemed forsaken
You came As a Brook  hearken.

When injured lay my heart so sad
Your lessons of karma made me glad.

Those stressful days and nights so wicked
You led my thoughts through one way ticket.

The ticket to destinations far very far
With meditation driven spiritual unseen car.

You told me of the cosmic Vimaan
And poured over me the river of Gnana.

I was religious, or so I ignorantly thought
You glowed the spirituality that lay uncaught.

A wife, A mother, A daughter merely I was
You illuminated within the human that I was.

Having lit up my path of selfless seva karma
You have helped me to find my true dharma.

The dharma that you taught in vivid forms
Svadharma, bhumi dharma and all reforms.

My karmic dharma that lied wrapped safe
You unfolded its ties, and made me brave.

The weekling that I felt I was in timidity
Kamal you made me realize my integrity.

A friend, A mitra, A parent, A guide
My all in one my Guru to you I abide.

Grateful I am that I fell in your lap
To be taught, strengthened and nurtured.

Nurtured by the wisdom of healing et al
Not just to live, but learn also to give.

To give that you are capable of as a being
The seva, compassion filled heart as an offering.

You busted the myths that dragged me down
Of meaningless rituals of the unworthy frown.

The prayers that now seem baseless in light
If I don’t have the love to share and bring delight.

The delight that some have seen yet not
To wipe their misery and fill their empty pot.

The pots that never rose to the brim
For life’s miseries to them maintained grim.

You braved and still keep doing so merrily
Walking the slums, lifting the ugly scums.

The scums of poverty, ignorance, abandon and abuse
You have never shied to help, never did refuse.

My guardian angel, I strive to be you
By following the footsteps paved by you.

May this journey of my soul thus continue
To be filled In Purpose taught lovingly by you.

(Sikiladi considers Kamal Tolia as her spiritual Guru and pays a tribute to her)




Dear Being of God,

Have you spared a thought?

Who am I? What is my identity?
Am I known because of the name tag I move around in my life?
Am I known because of the country I reside in or was born in?
Am I identified by the religion I belong to?
I wonder if all that becomes my identity then what about the rest of my I. My identity should be the person that I am by my deeds, my thoughts, my behavior. Strange, I am recognized to be a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian when my being thrives without any such tag to it.
I am known at times by my age as well. I am a child, I am youth, I am old etc. Little do they realize my being is timeless and ageless. I am that, which is limitless yet they perceive me within limits. I am part of the Whole, The Creator, thus I am very special. I share the air you breathe. I share the space you fill. I am the formless form. I am the drop. I am the ocean. I am the Creator. I am the creation. I am the infinite in the finite. I am the freedom in bondage. I am me.
I have been titled as a Jew, as a Hindu, as a Catholic, as a Zorashtrian, as a Muslim in my various earthly lives. I have been a cow, a snake,a donkey, a Lotus, a Rose, a Cactus at different stages of my form. I have been a bee, a woman, a man, a dragon, a parrot and I crawled, walked, flew, climbed at the many facades of my existence.
You do not require any extra smartness to figure out that I am that I am – The Soul, The Atman.
You have me in you. You exist for me yet I exist within you. You live in your form called your body. You survive till the moment I stay with you. I dwell as the Brahma within you yet you distort my existence and degrade yourself. I am painless yet you cause painful situations. You go against the rules and spread hatred, jealousy, disease, unrest and trap me with disgust.
You are beautiful yet not satisfied. You are always putting up appearances on your body. It is like layers of dust upon my being when you apply makeup, colour your hair to shades not meant for you, disguise your God gifted body with chemicals of sorts. Your beauty lies within the pure heart that you are blessed with. When you smile with ingenuity, I flourish and bounce. When you put up fake facades, I suffocate under the guises.
Your love for wealthy comforts seems understandable but when it turns to greed, it pulls me away from you. I am then forced to put up with you very unwillingly. Your desires to gain power are righteous until they remain virtuous. When power rules all emotions then I live like a dead within you. Your anger blackens the golden thread that binds us to each other.

Your kindness fills me with a quiet pride. Your Love and passion, your sympathy and empathy shines upon me like bright sunlight and refreshes me. Your sharing and caring attitude along with gratitude gives me an incentive to treat you to a healthy life. Your singularity, genuine behavior, spirituality brightens the golden chord binding us together and uplifts you with Divinity, Wisdom and the Ultimate Truth of your existence.

Shed the facades of the falsity and I shall enrich you with the knowledge that you so deserve. Become the Love and I shall brighten the Light within you. Become the true Person you are born to be and you shall be united to your source. The merger thus will become the I Am Brahma.

Aham Brahmasmi!

The You in Me

The I in you

The I in your I