Drought is a painful experience in any country. However, there can be extremes within a country. Over half of Kenya's counties are affected by drought due to failed rains in 2016. Can the other half of the country remain unaffected by the hunger of their brethren?


World Poetry Day

  21st March: World Poetry Day Flowing through the pen Running through the page Thoughts that take shape Crooked, rugged, festive And most times ...... Sensitive word frames That is poetry my friends When a feeling is placed In ink it crawls up mind sleeve Rolls up, curls up or even Folded in dainty pleats … Continue reading World Poetry Day


  तेरे आँचल की छांव तले मॉं अनेकों लाल पले चाहे छोटे हों या बड़े तुझको सभ ही लगते भले ठोकर खाते, गिरते पढ़ते घबरा जाते जब हम ढर् से धूल भरा वो तेरा आँचल सहला जाता मॉं हर ग़म से अब जो हम परदेस आ बसे गर्दिशों की धूल तज कर फँसे याद तेरी … Continue reading मॉं