REIKI and CANCER CURE   The Lotus Healing Seva Group visit Faraja Cancer Care once a week and spend time interacting with the Cancer affected and give them Reiki Treatment as part of their Seva ( voluntary service). Common questions we hear from patients are if Reiki can cure Cancer. I would say a big YES to … Continue reading REIKI and CANCER CURE


Couplets of Nature

The dusky sentiments touch the heart The setting of the Sun spread gold The mesmerizing sea very bold The waiting benches call you The moon wanting to emerge The sheet of the sky overspread The magical hues never do suspend Sikiladi The spread of white so seemingly pure Unblocked all emotions to the bare The … Continue reading Couplets of Nature

कमाऊ लाल

अब अपना बोझ वह तय कर लेगा, पुत्र है अब कमाऊ लाल, एक का ख़र्चा तो कम होगा, पुत्र जो बन गया कमाऊ लाल. बेटी के दहेज की कम हुई चिन्ता, कुछ मदद करेगा मेरा लाल, अब पेनशन अपनी बचत बनेगी, घर में है अब कमाऊ लाल.