Father’s Day brings in special dedication to the special unit of family called Father. He is special in many ways.


Phoolan Rani’s Plight

Phoolan was targeted for being a Hindu minority and set on fire on 13/6/19 in Bangladesh. Will you keep quiet or will you be her voice for justice?

Being Sindhi

Wonder what happened The sanskaras went into hiding A proud Sindhi I am for sure In this world strangely obscure Some traditions became so by practice As culture was passed on to the offspring Why then are we risking that rich culture? Following varied cultures, forget not yours Live through your own language, forget it … Continue reading Being Sindhi

My Mother

A mother is nature's best boon to someone. Her significance is so immense in a person's life that she remains a vital part of life in life and after her death as well. She becomes part of one's personality.