A lot has been publicized about the excellence of healthcare in India over the years. The medical fraternity should feel proud and better themselves further after having created a name for themselves. Instead, they seem to be losing their ethics. A bitter experience has resulted in this report.

I am so full of disgust at the way the doctors primarily form a team to work at a patient and towards the end disintegrate the team to form a new one. In this particular case, not only were new doctors introduced to the team in the last three days of the patient’s life, but they weren’t even introduced to her family members. It is not amusing that someone who pays your bills, has no right to meet the doctors ( they cannot spare five minutes update the caregivers of the patient) , has no right to see the reports of the numerous tests ( who knows if all the tests actually occur), has no right to get the updates.

In the hospitals in India one who takes a family member there becomes a beggar asking for details ref his or her condition and diagnosis. Why is it that the results cannot be shared at ease? Why is it that the intensive care where the visitors are supposed to wear masks and gloves permit people to enter casually without precautions? Why is it that those with influence have no restrictions and have access to areas that are usually barred for others?

Below is a narrative of a mother who landed in India from her country of residence in a fairly good condition but once admitted in the hospital became worse by the day as each day resulted in a new complication eventually leading to multi organ failure and death within nineteen days.

End Of The Road

In God’s very own country we saw the end of the road
A stepping stone but we had guessed…..
That would lift you up to good health….
……..yet it didn’t happen that way….
The sky was bright in the morning light….
When from the flight you did step down….
…..the wheelchair awaited you as did the others few
…Cchandar, Mukesh and the Delhi family crew….
Wheeling you up to the ambulance, pre arranged…
…..in preparedness for wonder what?
The scare of the ambulance wasn’t enough though…
……you were taken straight into the ICU….
They pricked and pierced …… to take samples….
Of the rare commodity on your charts….
…… the blood squeezed out from your veins….
…and landed up in numerous vials and tubes.
An oxygen mask placed on you….. a first step…..
…..towards the realization that you needed help.
Help was required to make you breathe…. how….when ..
….. did it happen so?
Hadn’t you been breathing fine till you arrived at the hospital?
We failed to understand things when we were told…
…… we had limited access at being near you.
That sounded dramatic…yes, it did….
There seemed no danger as you alighted or disembarked..
……from the airplane , breathing pretty normal……
And then you were secluded as if you had the worst of ailments
……for you had landed in Apollo Hospital – one of the best they say.
In God’s own land, whence you land…. with you all problems land.
They said your infection rate was very high……
……….and the blood count was getting low…..
…a low of platelets…low WBC…low Hemoglobin… a sign…..
…..that your functioning was getting to an all time low.
Probe after probe….several tests done… awaiting anxiously all results.
A bomb shell then did drop on us…. your marrow of the bone tumults…
….. they said not in those very words…. it had depressed ….
…..as later we learnt.
The septicemia had set in ….. in the body fluids it had spread in…..
Who was responsible for that nasty bacteria……
…… caught on in the ICU by the unhygienic ways and means.
They were meant to cure you …. but did they?
They messed it all up and you panted for each breathe.
The nursing staff was ruthless and uncouth in mannerisms.
The dietitians prescribed menus by the book…..
I would say they know not that to go by book makes them a crook.
Sentiments were lost… same boring meals repeated in and out….
That last glass of lassi much against my wish that you relished…
I wonder if that led to the unease and breathlessness
….perhaps you needed to cool ….those itchy insides…
…….from those nasty tubes and medicated pipes
It gave me pleasure to see you fuss over like usual
……your unhappiness at the television not working….
….we took it as a sign ….of your return to normalcy…
Alas! That was our fallacy….
The engineer came to get it work….. but…..you didn’t watch
For you lost interest….of your usually loved soaps…
The yellow in your eyes….suggested yet another diagnosis
Oh! Hadn’t you had enough of the tests in the process
In your ambition to get up and running…
You left dear mum no stone unturned….
In that feverish state you were hopeful as were we all…
…..your excitement at getting the much awaited parcel ….
….that came from home …. the pair of your glasses…
….now you could watch the videos and photos on our phones..
…and then what happened was surely a shock..
…. as of your condition now that I take stock…
When, why, how did you seem to lose focus
I waited to hear you complain and fret over various things
……but the oxygen mask made you go silent….
You wanted to speak, you wanted to know why you were there
You questioned me … what the doctors wanted….
And they, the medics just sneered at your query….
I think it was then, that they decided….
They had to silence you in a cruel manner…
Inflicting pain and all that ugly torture…
…..your delicate self now gone so week, so very week..
….could resist no further, and you couldn’t speak….
……. unanswered went all questions that your mind did seek

Developments occurred of the unpleasant kind…

sugars went rising and pressure dripping down by bands..
Units after units of transfusions added, with unhygienic hands..
….and unsanitized, unsensitized habits of the nursing staff…
Uncouth appeared the ICU hall, with scores of hygiene flaws
Apollo one of New Delhi’s biggest Hospital…. a name of shame…
….where the nurses, the doctors and accounts department
…..all merciless by money ridden mind have lost their hearts
They cared not enough for the well being charts….
……instead filled pockets by playing infectious tricky darts
They stepped on our tender nerves of saving our mother…
by introducing a new failure, a new diagnosis each day….
And helplessly we all saw you gradually fading away…..
…till you reached a saturation point and finally gave up the fight.
The fight to live, the fight of our brave warrior, our mother..
…..ended in God’s very own country….. your end of the road…
…..leaving us bereaved and grieved with a painful bitterness….
That spoke tales of their tight lipped betrayal of the oath …..
…..the oath they took….as they took their first steps ….
In the medical profession…..
……they are nothing but murderers living in respect….
……for their conscience and their pockets find no connect….
Bringing untimely, unethically many a living to dead ….
……the end of the road on the hospital bed!


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Crawling gradually picking up rapid pace
When life beckons unusual peace space
It comes to wind up all the drama & race
Death in its guise blesses every soul’s grace.

Ending misery of lingering unwanted sorts
Packing up life by years of halves and quarts
Leaving grieving behind bunches and loads
That’s life’s journey moving on tough roads.

Discarding misery, anguish and all thy pain
Elevating the loving soul to an uplifting gain
An easing release cometh like clouds with rain
That move on shedding their burden in no vain.

Untimely though it appears at most times
Whence life is hindered by the ugly grimes
And those unfortunate miams by wicked crimes
That doth lay squeezing traps by the deadly dimes.

In packs of dozens& scores it grips shocking
In the form of calamities that come locking
Thy breathing vehicle stills in the zone parking
In effect motionless becomes energy tracking.

Death in all it’s regality turns a grand beauty
Disease-less it makes one on its timely duty
Reuniting them with ancestral past line party
Teaching thou life is lived not to an eternity.

The true entity of this our life on planet earth
Is this end that comes showing us no dearth
The unchanging reality thus of all life forms
Is Death coming unbiased in its various norms.


In The Media:

Poem Of The Month Published in The Asian Weekly edition 359 (jul 07th – 13th 2017 )


death docs

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Wonder where they go away!

Wonder what they do there!

Leaving behind scores depressed,

those in grief wet eyed tears shed.

Wonder who invited them there!

Wonder what party they enjoy there!

While we saddened cry for them,

and each moment remember them.

Wonder what rush they had to go!

Wonder if caskets were their cargo!

Discarding all possessions of their being,

disengaging their bonds of human being.

Wonder whence they found that route!

Wonder if well lit was that heaven route!

From darkness to light or more darkness,

they found their pathway with a harness.

Wonder if the Divine father met them!

Wonder if their ancestors welcomed them!

Intrigued am I by their life after death,

communication with them doth not hath.

Wonder if they fulfilled their desires now!

Wonder if there are desires in their now!

If only they could visit and talk to us,

if only they still do love and care for us.

Wonder if they miss us earthly beings!

Wonder if needed any of their things!

If only we could send some gifts up to them,

if only we could still hug, kiss or greet them.

Wonder if they have forgotten us all!

Wonder if in hidden form they give us a call.

If only we were able to catch up to them,

if only we could tell them that we miss them.

Wonder if they merged well with others!

Wonder if they fly with newfound feathers!

Their life on the vast other shore of life,

should be called death or an unborn life.



That is Dad!


His Hidden support discreetly disguised,
wrapped in indifference yet looks pacified.
Protection pondered and well balanced,
Which in all circumstances he shouldered.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!

A lineage of rich culture carried through,
A legacy of traditionally built values true.
Concealing all his emotional weaknesses,
Displaying strength in wise decisiveness.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!


Giving a ride on his shoulders was manhood,
In love becoming a horse back in your childhood.
Training to pedal a tricycle or steering paddle boat,
Making you swim through crucial life lessons afloat.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!

A concern shown by showing ‘ no concern’,
A caring look yet appearing distant n forlorn.
A loving heart with the uttermost silent care,
A quiet prayer with his earnest moments spare.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!

Ensuring success by letting you tumble n fail,
Pushing you to pursue your goals that prevail.
Hiding his tears to bring you a smile cheerful,
Sacrificing his own for your comforts plentiful.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!

His annoyance and indifferent aloofness,
Churning out your patience n perseverance.
The patience game played to perfection,
That appeared to be his rigid succession.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!


Living up to the timely rewarding magic spells,
Of special Barbie Dolls and sturdy tennis balls.
The guidance in carom tricks and karate kicks,
The unforgettable drives to zoo n circus trips.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!

My greatest Hero, my biggest inspiration,
No words in his praise doth do justification.
His calm approach n mature qualification,
Unrivaled, unequalled in no contradiction.
That is Dad! That’s my Dad!



In the media:

Published in “The Asian Weekly” Edition : 356 (June 16th – 22nd 2017)(Father’s Day Edition)


fathers day taw

Nanalal @ 90


Your gaiety walk and proud chest
Your fair means and ways are the best
A young child and youngest brother once
You have emerged as a family elder
A lineage of culture and tradition
You proudly continued with a rich hue
Never forgetting those dim candle lit days
Of scarcity in privileges and endless days
You stood tall and mighty in your right
In what once appeared to be far fetched
In those long nights of plight
That you made your stint into journalism
From far away land your articles came
And Sakkerben reveled in the happiness game
A pride of prides Nanalal you became
A respected lawyer among many others
Uplifting the downtrodden on the path
Rising and shining on the law forte
Bringing justice to many on their porch
Never blinking an eye when it came to giving aid
Your selfless nature gave you name
Put to use in your welfare game

Through countless hours of lawyering
You found a passion of a greater giving
Realizing the true nature of humanity
For you attained a doctorate in that philosophy
Compassion that flows through you deep and wide
Even the Nile looks at you in awe
The feats you have achieved through these years
Will be remembered for eons to come
Yet humble you remain
As you strive to achieve your A-game.
Known fondly as Kaka to young and old
At a ripe 90 you stand mighty bold
We wish you good health, happiness and laughter
To celebrate yet another wonderful chapter




By Sikiladi

Mom, mother or simply mum
Closer to my heart …..
Than teeth to chewing gum

Mama, Amma or say it Ammi
Cannot resist the charm……
When fondly, snuggly she hugs me

Giving birth and bringing up
Was no mean chore…..
Flowing with love was her cup

Being far away in alien land
Grateful to her……
My each nerve, each hair strand

Sparing her time with equal care
Belonging to us siblings…..
In an undisputed uncounted share

Raising with added value education
Her guidance to me……
Has turned like a precious benediction

Being the light in unknown ways
She led my path…….
Letting me fall to rise in various ways

Playing Ludo game just for fun,
And Snakes and Ladders……
She taught life skills can be hard fun

Acceptance of my many traits
She experienced……..
Like unkempt hair tangled in braids

Taking tough decisions in her stride
She taught me…….
Perseverance can mature to be of pride

My first teacher, she became
Speech and walking…..
She taught me like a playful game

Being helpful and charitable was natural
Sharing and caring……
These traits became her precious jewel

Mother, mama, mér, maman or mummy
Titles may be many……
By any name she remains a dear mummy.


In the media:

published in The Asian Weekly- Edition 351 – May 12th to 18th 2017

Mother’s Day Feature

asian weekly 2017 Mother




I am sorry mum for your suffering!
I am sorry for your pain bearing!
Having lost you to illness left me hurt….
But having lost you to wounds has injured me.
A brave warrior you fought till the end…
….Although the suffering saw no end.
The pricks and piercing here and there…
……And ugly jabs almost everywhere …..
…The uncouth handling of your care….
By the staff of Apollo’s nursing care.
The Intensive care forced upon you,
By the doctors of Apollo whilst their pockets
……..were fed by you.

The painful expression coming from your eyes,
Questioning me everyday,” why O! why?”
Docs pushing you away from the comfort of home,
To leave you alone at a time whilst sickness had grown….
The loss of the vital body fluid….
that should have run smooth and rapid.
Leaving you feeblest like never had….
Causing fevers and tremors of shivering ….
All so firmly accepted and borne by you.
The unethical morals rule medical fraternity ……..
The dirty tricks layered by ego between medics…
Cost me dearly a life that was precious and pure.

I am sorry mum for your suffering!
I am sorry for your pain bearing!
Having lost you to negligence by specialists….
Who forgot to check on you but checked pockets.
To them of interest were the results on charts,
They noticed not the inflicted painful darts.
Causing infection and then finding the cause,
Causing blood loss after blood loss to fulfill the loss….
By hundreds of syringes that extracted your blood……
…..To them it was a mere routine job.
Did they notice ever those shabby helper boys….
Contaminating the samples on the way to pathology lab ?
Holding trays full of samples, with samosaed oily hands,
Stopping on the way satiating their gossipy glands.

I am sorry mum for your suffering!
I am sorry for your pain bearing!
The legs captivated by that DVT pump….
Made you feel imprisoned on the hospital bed.
I should have understood your agony oh mum,
Please do forgive me for the ignorance mum.
The mouth went dry and you felt to cry…..
…..Neither a sip of water nor tears to cry.
I was shocked by that condition and wanted to pry…
Your hands too were bandaged under a pretext oh my!
Your own beautiful, glowing body ……
Turned to emerge a burden or a sort of cage….
Was it your illness or the hospital that laid the trap?
To squeeze out the life force out of you….
……Giving it wings of air to fly far away.

I am sorry mum for your suffering!
I am sorry for the pain bearing!
No apology ever came from them……
They found excuses to give you the run.
Their options all were fatalistic eventually,
They love the game called Life that ends in Death.
The Apollo Hospital at New Delhi,
To me appeared to be a death sanctuary.
I am bitter, yes very bitter at the way things worked,
I lost you at a place where lives are meant to get cured.
You said not a single formal goodbye
You spoke not a word in days lying masked.
You neither hugged nor were allowed to be hugged….
…….In life at hospital or even in death.
I miss by big motherly hug dear mum,
I miss you each day my dear mum.
Now memories alone shall hang on
Of the immediate past and years of past
Like a jigsaw puzzle unfolding on mind screen,
I wish I could get you back my own royal queen.