TAW : News Clippings February 2018

The Asian weekly is a weekly paperzine published in Nairobi, Kenya. Sikiladi has been a contributor to the paperzine with news coverage, thoughtful write ups and poems.



Valentine day has gradually become a symbol of Love of sorts and has crossed borders to be celebrated worldwide in a lively spirit.


All our geometric shapes and various designs and shapes are but an expression of the master patterns within and around us all. The universe is presented to us in mighty bold patterns that reflect through the many day to day patterns that we create and live through. How much attention have we given to the master patterns? Observe is the name of the game.

Soaring The Skies

Pongal, Sankranti & Uttarayana   In gratitude for agricultural abundance Comes this festive Tamilian observance Gift giving, feasting and home visiting A rice and milk dish with Jaggery sweetening The four day festival of Gregorian calendar Comes the Harvest significance of Thai Pongal Kite flying, bon fires and Surya Puja in the river The arts … Continue reading Soaring The Skies


Unity in diversity seems to be the theme for January.A festival celebrated at the same time under different names in different regions in India. It is even celebrated with a varied spirit everywhere.

मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)

  मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वह प्यार दुलार व दुआ की बहार वो घर बुलाने के बहाने हज़ार वो हर फ़रमाइश का पूरा करना वो घंटों बैठ कर बातें करना मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वो मायके जाकर … Continue reading मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)