Appetites subtle and oft times attacking man,

In moments of weakness when he feels low

Falling prey to victimizing appetites bellow,

When he is least aware and going apace slow.


Appetites animalistic of greedy category,

Attack men leading them to go astray

Indulgence and entanglements suffice,

Laying silent traps in satiating disguise


Appetites egoistic forming human fates,

Layering a desire for self-justification traits

Utterance of words unpleasant, hurtful,

Tinged with malice and pride revengeful


Appetites euphemistic getting insensitive,

Attacking man by fits of anger, frustrative

The temptation to reign supreme and slay,

Killing all obstruction coming his way


Appetites disturbing mental ease and peace,

Emotional bonds causing disease and unrelease

Possession rights and fortune prides granted,

Leading mankind unfulfilled and disenchanted


Appetites blaring loud in blind ritualistic,

Disillusioned mightiness Oh! So pathetic

Leading many unevolved going dogmatic,

This human quality seeming very unrealistic


Appetites of growth and simple yearning,

Uplifting the self by a new wave learning

Powered by speech gaining confidence,

Equality search for each other’s acceptance


Appetites reformist for the economies,

Turning men into mutual bon homies

Frightful agitation to be the rightful,

Making amends to be more fruitful


Appetites of the daring and caring kind,

Stepping forward to rescue from the grind

Elevating affinity, diminishing poverty,

Chores done by heart without any publicity


Appetites spiritualistic in the very approach,

Tendered beliefs, rising pure, pious encroach

Endeavor saving the endangered to enlarge

Enlighten the pathway for masses at large



In The Media:


published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 340 (Feb 24th – 02nd March 2017)










Sales Ethics at Malls in Nairobi

A slightly warm bright afternoon of a friday in the month of February. I decided to take my mother for shopping owing to her requirement of footwear. My daughter and I decided to take her to the well spread out  Junction Mall all the way from Parklands area.

The half an hour drive to Junction Mall appeared worth it to begin with, as we entered and walked into the very welcoming electronic stores. My mother who was on a visit from India wasn’t very interested in the electronics hence we moved on to fetch her some footwear.

Angelo on the ground floor had some shoes on a discounted sale which were placed on a table outside the store. It didn’t give a very exciting feel about shopping but having purchased shoes from there in the past, we decided to enter the store anyway to have a glance. There was one sales attendant cum cashier sitting behind the cash counter. She was probably too busy in her dreamy world and didn’t lift an eyelid to look at us, prospective clients.

I must say, I didn’t feel like shopping there due to the attitude but I didn’t want to give my mother any such impression, so I went up to the lady to say a courteous “Hello”. It was then that she greeted me back and got up from her comfortable chair. Needless to say, she had to be forcibly pushed into attending to our needs as I demanded she help my mother into trials and fittings of the footwear she selected.

Well, all wasn’t so bad, I thought to myself when finally mum liked the fitting and style of the flat wedged sandals. My daughter meanwhile had taken fancy to some fancier looking shoes and to my surprise, though she was trying them out, the sales girl didn’t even blink towards her. The retail sales ethics seemed apparently lacking here. The younger lot who should be ideally focused on enhancing the business, live in big disillusioned world of distractions, I felt.

Disinterestedly, she threw in the pair of sandals in the plastic carry bag and took the payment and off were we having said a word of thanks to her. But, once again, the politeness of being gracious was lacking at the other end.

Anyway we moved ahead to look for some more shoes and walked into Mr. Price where there was bigger variety but lesser quality. Having made a quick glancing tour we walked out and moved towards a store called Wide Shoe on the second floor. That turned to be a big disappointment as well as neither was mum’s requirement of soft leather, back strapped wedged footwear available, nor did they have the sizes that they claim to have.

Who would have thought buying a few pairs of shoes could be such a task. Anyway, the helpful sales attendant cum cashier lady suggested we try our luck at Clarks or Sketchers within Nakumatt. Back to the Escalator and the walk towards the other end of the Mall and we reached Clarks. The staff was reasonably polite but didn’t seemed much interested in selling. However, the sandals were available very sparsely and once again we were challenged by lack of sizes and colours.

A move to the next store Sketchers appeared to be good at first as mum finally saw some good walking shoes in the sports shoes section. Sketchers that has a lovely range in Dubai has a decent range in Nairobi too. the Sales girl attending to mum was unmistakably not keen on selling her wares. Neither did she help my old mum with her trials, nor did she pick out various pairs upon explaining the type of shoe we wanted.

Finally after trying out a lot of wrong sizes and designs, when mum finally settled on something, we were told neither the size , nor the style we wanted was available. I wondered, if all this disinterest in selling had to do with my brown skin colour. Obviously, the Mall has a significant clientele which consists of the fair skinned and dark skinned people. The brown skin people I guess were no one’s priority hence we were met with the kind of disinterest in attending to us as clients.

Tired and disappointed, we decided to refresh our mood and feasted on the delicious slurps at Planet Yoghurt. Our last destination before we walked out was the Bata store. They too like most other stores didn’t have much to offer in the flat heeled wedge sandals but did have a better stocked range of walking shoes. Mum debated between two different styles of the shoes that the sales girl mentioned were priced at 2,300/- a pair. Since both the styles were of same price range, mum decided to settle for the darker coloured pair in a particular style. She asked if she could get a grey coloured and was told a blunt NO.

To my shock I was told to pay kshs 2,999/- for that pair of shoes which were told to be selling at 2,300/-. Very conveniently the cashier and the sales girl told me that they had made a mistake in giving me the price earlier. Was it a gimmick? Was it  bias to the skin colour? Was it genuinely a mistake? I was visibly annoyed and refused to pay the higher amount but they insisted and I thought finally mum had liked something so I landed up paying 3,000/- for the pair of shoes. I felt cheated.

Whatever happened to the sales ethics and pleasing the customer? The new generation sales teams seem shameless, unapologetic, unmindful and unwilling to prove their capability. I guess all they are interested in is the cheque that goes in their pocket every month and while the store owners cannot be present at each branch of their stores, they play the game of being the mice at play while the cat is away.



Closer is he to you than your breathe,

Nearer to you than jugular vein beneath

Beyond your thoughts he permanently resides,

Within pores and scores of thoughts he abides.


Knowing him isn’t a task so tough,

If you don’t insist on being so rough

He sits not high above the vast sky,

He rests not down below the earth

Nor in the lands so far away imagined,

He lives within you awaiting your Self, realized.


Awaken, arise, and sharpen skills thine,

For He permeates your skin and spine

Engrossed in the world of materialistic creed,

Thy life overwhelmed with possessive lust and greed.

Engaged in looting and shooting in a manner shrewd,

In this unrealized life man you earn livelihood.


Shed the dark veil of ignorance attached to life,

Give way to beauty of enlightenment away from strife

A revolution of thoughts that turns you anew,

Akin century old darkness lit up by the candle few

The dark cave of your body and mind transformed,

By being with the learned and getting reformed.


Love resides not with selfish ego and pride,

Regain your wisdom, seek company of the wise

Swords two rest not ever in a single sheath,

And so hatred jealousy live not with love and peace

Discard selfishness and adorn selflessness,

Discard bitterness and adorn mere sweetness

Then the darkness of mind like a ruined palace,

Converts to a beautiful temple of Love balance.


By seeking Him life gets enriched,

For God is Love and God is pure

Claiming no credits for his mastery,

God teaches us to practice humility

Permeating each cell and all senses,

He gives us thinking and thought basics.


Remaining discreet and not claiming it all,

That Godly quality of unconditional love to all

He stays formless giving shapes and forms to all,

Never forgetting us nor forsaking memory of all.

He provides comfort and solace when miseries befall,

Nurturing us in harsh times uplifting us when we fall


His divine aspect goes missing from the living affair,

When cruelty, anger and fear contaminate atmosphere

His divine values, spiritual awareness bring Heaven on earth,

Enthusing each one  with an atmosphere of sweet fragrance.











Oh! that feeling of giving love
and in return being loved….
Makes the world seem so good
When no one sulks or does brood.
Sharing joys to all around
and caring for all ….
on this motherly ground .
Trying to feed some hungry stomachs,
Draping spreads over some bare crowns,
Gifting smiles to those with frowns,
Ensuring underprivileged too adorn….
those Graduation gowns.
When education reaches to all children,
And rations provided to all brethren.
Treating all with equality, care, love
be it the downtrodden or privileged.
Praying for peace in the universe…..
And filled be each one’s pocket and purse,
With enough to spare towards…..
Invited or uninvited guest.
Abandoned persons to find their homes,
Families united form loving homes.
Brother birds and animals can freely….
roam without a scare from human race,
That learns love and sheds hateful disgrace.
Cruelty and subjugation is forgotten,
This Valentine becomes universal love season.
With happiness and unity in each heart,
Let’s reform our world with a new birth chart.
Valentine 2017 is now here!
Let’s dissolve away all pain…..
and adorn the beautiful love gear.
Abolishing hurt, hatred , jealousy and anger,
Let’s help raise each other’s living standard.
By loving them unconditionally and wholeheartedly,
Be it any race, religion, color or genetic identity.
All habitants on earth follow one principle,
Of cohabitation in harmony as a discipline.
Mutually respectful are both tutor and disciple,
Love shines through all masculine and feminine.
Oh! That feeling of giving Love..
and in return being loved……
Finds wings of extensions in…..
each life form
helping their souls to a flight of divine elation
and Valentine celebrated each day with…
each and every form of relation.



Published in the Asian Weekly, Edition 338 (10th – 16th Feb 2017)