The Cowardly Blow!

The ongoing abductions and killing of minorities in the name of religion are a slap on the face of humanity. This poem takes us through the journey of many young victims.



Living in freedom is a personal choice for some. How free are we in the bonded world where we are connected not only by love, but also by hatred.

सतगुरू स्वरूप

सतगुरू एक लेता नया आकार एवं बनता अनेक से एक। चोला बदल कर आया फिर से गुरू। निरंकारी समुदाय की सतगुरू माता सविंदर हरदेव के देहांत पश्चात उनकी सुपुत्री के सहयोग भरे कुछ शब्द पेश हैं

We Shall miss from now on!

That beauteous face in pleasure and pain Has left many orphaned and departed The Almighty gave him all but a hundred years of service in this world that needed awareness of righting the wrongs that Humanity committed  And now HE rests in the lap of Heavenly Father HE who didn't forsake us all HE who was known as Dada J.P. Vaswani A tribute that cannot be justified in words For HE was the ONE unique being of God Who never claimed Himself to be God.