She thinks, He thinks


She thinks I know nothing at all

She thinks I should be at her beck and call

Yet I continue looking after her

Though she gives my emotions a stir


I nurtured her, I pampered her

it wasn’t a mistake, it was my love for her

She thinks I don’t understand her

But, better than me, no one else knows her


He thinks he can mould  my ways

He thinks to his tastes I should give away

Yet I continue to care for him

Though he makes me depressed and grim


I moulded him, I cried for him

In life’s each battle, I stood with him

He thinks now I don’t care for him

But, he knows not, till my last breath I’ll care for him


She thinks I cannot handle things

She thinks she can control my life strings

Yet I shower away my love on her

Though she hurts my heart deep under


I gave her birth, I nursed her

In her weakest moments, strength I gave her

She thinks I am too naive for her

But, she’s forgotten the life lessons that I taught her


My aging age has brought a challenge

They think my mind is now beyond their range

Yet, I continue living hopefully

For, they are mine, and I am theirs


They shall always remain in all my prayers

And I opt now to stay away from their affairs

For my peace of mind, and theirs

Yet, they grew up in my very arms, gaining years.



6 thoughts on “She thinks, He thinks

  1. For when their own age will rise
    Thoughts of the past care will rise
    The unconditional love so dear
    The compassion and listening ear
    Can never go to waste

    Those hands wiping tears
    Soothing all their fears
    Rubbing oil upon the head
    That is dusty, dry seared
    Can never go to waste

    A mother is a mother
    She will always bother
    Reward comes oh so calm
    He gives it, it’s a balm
    It’s mutamaina at last

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