Woman O! Woman

Woman O! Woman By Sikiladi   Woman O! Woman Your unique ways of being! Appearing timid and at times week Yet uplifting those that are week. Woman O! Woman Your pleasing ways of being! Dressing up or not grooming Thy charm is in your face smiling. Woman O! Woman Your talented ways of being! All … Continue reading Woman O! Woman


Kenyan Asian Woman

International Women's Day celebrated on March 8th world wide. Mentioned here are a few women of Asian origin who have made a mark on the Kenyan scene and continue to inspire many women.

Shame and guilt

We often complain about rape and abuse in the society but we forget to give a voice to our daughters and sisters. Incest is a major crime going on through ages thanks to the sick mentality that makes some men feel manly enough at committing these crimes. We have failed to inculcate the moral and ethic values in our boys and over instilled the same in our girls. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for remaining mute, deaf and blind.