Honesty evades us honestly,
And asks for shelter pleadingly.
The hurts inflicted by the untruth,
Are morals simply gone uncouth.

It weeps and agonizes longingly,
For the truth to emerge boldly.
Suffocating from being under wraps,
Disguised by some unscrupulous chaps.

Alas! Lies have gained popularity,
Despite their dark, sly notoriety.
Children conceit their own parents,
Siblings become disguised agents.

It breathes in despair very heavily,
Awaiting it’s liberty much anxiously.
The world is degrading losing virtues,
Will the coming children learn values?

Deprived of it’s power very rapidly,
Honesty is shrinking stupendously.
And the evil mind plays many tricks,
To make untruths appear as truths.

The account books work very craftily,
And businesses prosper dishonestly.
The genuine stuff is frequently faked,
With deceptive sugar cakes are baked.

Riches being obtained fraudulently,
Morals being drowned so conveniently.
Poor Honesty is raped day and night,
A pity that we are witnessing such a sight.



Life lost a bit too soon,

To the cruelty of the goon.

Sadist intent satisfied,

Grief quotient intensified.

The night that was to be fun,

Fell untimely victim to the gun.

Snatched away promising youth,

To the merciless and uncouth.

Pleasures gained by ending lives,

Terror in Orlando abstractly strikes.

It is so sad, it is very grim,

Pain is topped up to the brim.

sorrow heaves a tired sigh,

Have mercy it looks up to the sky.

Promising futures you destroy,

O terror do you never feel shy?

The Pulse lay in a bloodied pool,

Bodies piled like books in school.

The last intent of those who died,

was it hateful fear as they cried?

Moments of salvage and prayer,

On the minds of the injured there.

The evil intent he wickedly intensified,

by killing them when texting they tried.

The merciless brute himself too died,

In shameful regret his parents too cried.

God only knows who could be satisfied,

By victimized frenzied deadly fright.

The dancing to the gay melodic tunes,

Ended in a dance of the silence tunes.

The bravery and presence of mind ,

Saved some souls with an act so kind.

When death gaped in their faces bare,

The Almighty came to take their care.

Some fortunate, some not so lucky,

This misery can be Oh! So tricky.







Daddy I Miss You


Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
Not just on this Fathers Day
Not just every other Fathers Day
But each thought and every single day                                     father1

Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
As I see other daughters and dads
As I see other sons with their dads
My memories of you play up Oh! Dad

father 2

Daddy I miss you

My dear daddy I miss you
At each milestone or an occasion
At every family reunion or celebration
My eyes search for you at each jubilation


Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
When I need to share my thought
When my struggles are to be fought
Without you I feel helpless distraught

father 4


Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
When I am helpless in a situation
And worries bring me to stagnation
I search for your hand in anticipation

father 5

Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
I know I must live with acceptance
Your teachings I try to some perfection
Your wise memories are a great benediction

father 6

Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
I grew up as your shadow shape
And suddenly you took big escape
Your ideologies now I try to give shape


Daddy I miss you
My dear daddy I miss you
I long for those joyous long walks
And those drives when we shared talks
We shall meet again the day life stalks.

I Am Tired

The simple dreams and all freedom of the docile Indian daughter in law or wife in the conservative families still exist like some distant wish. This poem speaks of the feelings of many such women who dare not break free yet strive for the day they have their own identity.


I am tired to the core!
I fret and I fume,
In despair and gloom.
Irritated many a times,
At humanity’s crimes.

I am tired to the core!
Performing all duties,
As mere dull chores.
Losing fun and excitement,
I am full of resentment.

I am tired to the core!
Working every single day,
And no time left to play.
My frail fingers simply pray,
As I turn wrinkled and grey.

I am tired to the core!
Pleasing all those around,
With a fake smile I found.
Trying to reach the skies,
When I am just at the ground.

I am tired to the core!
From the world I abhor,
And they think I am a bore.
For they see not the pleasure,
Awaiting on life’s other shore.

I am tired to the core!
Trying to find respite,
With my feeble might.
To learn a few lessons,
To make my life bright.

I am tired to the core!
Looking after and serving,
Yet things get so unnerving.
When no one is happy,
And faces all look grumpy.

I am tired to the core!
I yearn the vast sea shore,
To give my aching heart a cure.
Oh! But it appears so obscure,
Living life?I am not so sure.

I am tired to the core!
Journeys yet to be travelled,
Skills left to be acquired,
Reading more to be inspired,
But my ill health has conspired.

I am tired to the core!
Of being so dutifully docile,
As if a remotely run mobile.
Attending to one and all,
Till the health begins to fall.

I am tired to the core!
Of having that voiceless voice,
Which is not ever my choice.
I yearn wings of freedom,
To rule my own kingdom.

I am tired to the core!
Being titled a queen yet subjugated,
Wonder how was I nominated.
A prisoner in my own abode,
On which horse entire family rode.

I am tired to the core!
Of cooking, cleaning,maintaining,
Of birthing,training, educating.
To be set aside one fine day,
When the young grow and I grey.

I am tired to the core!
As I lost all my playmates,
To the household duty takes.
Succumbing to the pressures,
Of those wickedly cast gestures.

I am tired to the core!
Of being frowned upon,
At an inch of each error.
Of being ever condemned,
For faults that lay in others.

I am tired to the core!
Of being a mere shadow shape,
Movable by thy scorn and gape.
Of living life to please you all,
And letting my dignified ego fall.

I am tired to the core!
Of being treated as an object,
Deserving mercy and pity.
I deserved better than this,
I deserve simple pure bliss.