maharaja dahir
Maharaja Dahir the last Sindhi ruler


It hurts when they acknowledge not

the pain and anguish, the distraught

that came to us with the partition

of the nation for which our elders fought.


It hurts when they live in pretence

that they know not our elders sufferance

we the original refugees in observance

stateless migrants on the continent.


It hurts when their festivals are observed

holidays marked in commemoration

We Sindhis but without our own state

holidayless display our lonely heritage.


It hurts when each language features big

My language struggles with painful swig

Despite the trauma of landlessness

Sindhi individuals dared to grow big.


It hurts when they speak of the plight

of Sindhis who till date know no delight

Living in suburbs of Mumbai and kutch

some still unable to forget the political grudge.


It hurts when we hear the tales of the days

when grandparents had to devise new ways

to eke a living in an alien land immigrant

having left behind the earnings and their land.


It hurts to learn what our elders underwent

tortures, abuse, rapes and burning incidents

being forced to convert or leave their homes

the Hindu Sindhis have hearts of martyrdoms.


sindhi wedding
A Sindhi Wedding


Photo Credits : Google Images


6 thoughts on “IT HURTS!

  1. बहुत ही खूबसूरती से लिखा है।फ़ोटो राजा दाहिरसेन की देखकर उनकी वीरता याद आ गई।कितनी वीरता से उन्होंने वतन के लिए लड़ा था।सलाम उनकी बेटियों को भी।

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  2. It Hurts
    As I sit at the Acropolis up on the Parthenon
    Stories are woven of pain, pillage, plunder
    As I sit here at the Acropolis far out there
    I sit not alone from you from Sind or anywhere
    For wherever I am, I have left past asunder
    I have left behind my past,sorrow, and plunder
    Hallowed ground for the divine put me hither
    Where all our potential came together
    There is no question of who am I
    What brought me hither.
    For I am one with those I draw near
    Forgiving moves me forward i am stronger
    Then my history, my past which is no longer
    It brings me to the present into my being ever
    This moment that holds eternity as a flower

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    1. As a fellow Sindhi I resonate with you. It does hurt. All that you have written so nicely.
      I have not forgotten, I remember. But then I let it be where it is . In the past. So that it does not spoil my future.
      And remain a proud Sindhi.
      Thank you for reminding me.

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      1. Thanks Kamal for your response. YES! most of us have moved on despite the hurt and that is what we sindhis are made up of – forgiveness and progress, being adaptive and charitable.


  3. Forgiving and moving ahead of course
    Shariffa you know how to settle all score
    I love your response as always clear
    Whether in Kenya or from Greece
    The plundering brings thoughts not seen
    Memories of the elders that have been.


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