Honesty evades us honestly,
And asks for shelter pleadingly.
The hurts inflicted by the untruth,
Are morals simply gone uncouth.

It weeps and agonizes longingly,
For the truth to emerge boldly.
Suffocating from being under wraps,
Disguised by some unscrupulous chaps.

Alas! Lies have gained popularity,
Despite their dark, sly notoriety.
Children conceit their own parents,
Siblings become disguised agents.

It breathes in despair very heavily,
Awaiting it’s liberty much anxiously.
The world is degrading losing virtues,
Will the coming children learn values?

Deprived of it’s power very rapidly,
Honesty is shrinking stupendously.
And the evil mind plays many tricks,
To make untruths appear as truths.

The account books work very craftily,
And businesses prosper dishonestly.
The genuine stuff is frequently faked,
With deceptive sugar cakes are baked.

Riches being obtained fraudulently,
Morals being drowned so conveniently.
Poor Honesty is raped day and night,
A pity that we are witnessing such a sight.

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