मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति Meri Bindi Meri Anubhuti

मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति  कोई करता रक्त का दान कोई परिश्रम व समय का दान कोई करते खाद्य पथार्थ दान कुछ विशेष गण करते घन से दान मत भूलो इतिहास हमारा माथे लम्बा तिलक सज़ा कर वीरों ने दिए प्राणों के बलिदान हमारी सभ्यता के चिन्ह हैं महान क्यों शठ बन हम तजते यह स्वाभिमान … Continue reading मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति Meri Bindi Meri Anubhuti

GenerationRestoration : World Environment Day

https://anchor.fm/sikiladim/episodes/GenerationRestoration-e1259q3 #GenerationRestoration A nurturer becoming a sufferer Pollution being  nature’s cancerWeighing heavy on its shoulders The dirt, grime and toxic slime Having committed immeasurable crime And engaging the grandeur sublimeWe the human race have blundered Nature’s abundant bounty plunderedDepleting, degrading own environment Thoughtless deeds causing detrimentGreed of our creed insatiable undeniable Carbonized environment hence unavoidable Imperative is precious Nature’s … Continue reading GenerationRestoration : World Environment Day

The Divine Representatives

National Tree Planting Day is celebrated in Kenya on 21st April every year. Kenyans being very aware of the environmental situation in the country conduct this calendar day annually to participate in tree planting and related events. Read on for more on the spiritual aspect of planting trees and learn the sacred art of tree planting .......

Ultimate Philanthropists

Marking the National Tree Planting Day in Kenya on 21st April this poem highlights the reasons for planting trees giving them a divine significance. Read on for more......if you love nature.....if you care.......if you wish to leave a better world for generations to come.........

Choose to Challenge

The International Women's Day 2021 is being marked by #choosetochallenge campaign globally. Women must become the focus of the world and get their deserving rights to dignity, respect and fair means of life. This poem is in honor of all women - those who inspire us and those who must get inspired.