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The Late reverend Hindu Saint Dada J.P. Vaswani hugely emphasized to people to always remain true to their mother tongue and religion. He taught that if a person had not understood his own religion and got attracted to another then that person is not capable of following the other religion as well.


सो गई इंसानियत, दिन में रात हो गई  बेदर्दी की आज एक नई दास्तान हो गई खिन्न हुआ मन, हरकतों से बू आने लगी  घिनौनी शरारत एक, किसी की जान ले गई  जाग उठी हैवानियत, इब्तिदा अब हो गई  क्रूरता इतनी की, जी मिचलाने की हालत हो गई  दूजे को कहते हैं जानवर, पशुत्व प्रकीर्ति हो गई  तुमसे भले तो पशु, दुख … Continue reading ईंसानियत

Truck Art

*ट्रकों के पीछे जो..**लिखा जाता है.,**वो अब इंसानों के पीछे..**लिखने की नौबत आ गई है.,*_*"KEEP DISTANCE"*_ Buri Thook wale, tera munh kaladurr raho, gale na milojaldi jaldi haath sabun se dho loMAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE


Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 499 ( Mar 27 - Apr 02, 2020) The cities are quiet, the roads are clean Mother Earth is glowing in newfound sheen Pollutants reduced, fresh air increased Such is the effect of Corona scare indeed Families sit together to pray and eat No longer the rush for errands … Continue reading THE PAUSE