Beauty shines through the face
Or through the expressions on thy face
Hidden behind the made up glaze
Of cosmetic and hairdo in a craze.

True beauty though shines unhindered
Be thy skin fair or of darker shade
It glows through the inner soul
Of you when found without covers.

Covers that mask your feelings
And the joys of living free unhindered
Your Beauty shines through the pores
Registered, unregistered mind spores.

Oozing the Love for all and the
Care for all attitude that you have
It gleams with smiles boundless broad
Your traits of humanity in full form.

The Beauty shines through your persona
The charm that out does any Madonna
Of living selfless and forgiving
Spreading that Love so unconditional.

Bridging Barriers, Breaking walls
Beauty comes through uniting all
The Beauty shines in that Oneness
Of each entity on the world scene.

That looks at each living being
By being Oh! so forgiving
Cuddling the rich and poor with one breath
poverty merging with affluence knowing no dearth.

When caring is re-titled as sharing
Punishment replaced with sparing
The Nations too live in harmony
And peace is a task of ingenuity.

The medics and Para medics work honestly
The sports that function in effort
Without drugs of doping miraculously
Proving individual capacity.

Then shines the Beauty of the world
Borderless, Limitless, hate less we live
Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews
All combine our faiths to the Love glue.

With bonding stronger than superglue
Banish the untrained mind crew
Beauty in words shines through
When worthy words spread joys anew.

With the Language used by one and all
Of Peace and purity of the soul
Shedding missiles of warfare
Adorning the Lines of our hemisphere.

With Humanness that defies fights
Wrapping oneself in Oneness tights
The shores of heavens that seemed afar
Emerge as doors nearby slightly ajar.

Distances of relationships melt away
Then Beauty of Life makes its merry way
This is the True Beauty my dear Friend
Creating memories, times together spent.

Beauty that merged with soul entity
Depicting your human meant purity
Cosmetic Less, fashion less, effort less
Bare Beauty of the bare soul.

Unpolluted by thoughts of pride and game
With the peace and unison making all tame
Animals, birds and bees no longer at risk
From the populated, selfish human race.

Green be the Beauty of our planet
Mother Earth lives happy without lament
Chanting the music of the pure thought
Fading the very instrument of distraught.

The Waters of the World in true Essence
Bring out thy beauty with meditative resonance
The Whales and Worms are all welcomed
In the New Found World Beauty Contest..



They went away far from us
Yet they reside within all of us
Showering blessings from afar
In their world they all live at par.

Gone in ethers a bit too soon
Closer to the Sun and Moon
Leaving behind their dear ones
Now we realize their significance.

A mother that was a closest friend
A father that for the son had set a trend
A grandparent who held our hand
With them this life was a nice blend.

Teachings they gave as life lessons
We are known today as their creations
Parents and parents in law those gone
Accepting death when time had drawn.

Ancestral blessings we call upon
Remembering them at dusk and dawn
At each important step of life
Though without them life still moves on.

Missing them during festive times
And fate’s tuneless tough chimes
They played an important role for us
Our identity too they did give us.

Some say the elders visit loved ones
As birds of sorts they come to us
Others say they go and join the stars
Twinkling each night looking at us.

I say they live within each of us
Through the values that they taught us
They might be far away ancestors
A part of them shines through all of us.

A time comes every once a year
When you pay homage to a lost dear
That is a mere formality so very clear
For their memories linger often dear.

I hear my dad in his favorite song
That hums on the radio as I sing along
I smell my grandma in that mango pickle
And memories of yore doth trickle.

An aunt gone by now comes to me
As a memory when I visit her temple
And a packet of those sweet Rusks
Enliven the feel of her dainty hands.

That strong aroma of spiced rice
A flashback of that uncle comes twice
And I search for grandpa under the table
without cheating I win the game of scrabble.

Those old tattered photo albums
Bring all alive the ancestral chums
The rustic jars behind hidden shelves
Are the elders peeping out themselves.

In The Media:

Edition 315

September 2016