A wish I wish wholeheartedly
That I leave the world wholeheartedly!


The heart that so palpitates
With rhythmic beats
Like soft drumbeats
Pulsating in another body
When I die and look down at him
As a soul that beams with joy.

A wish I wish wholeheartedly
That I leave the world wholeheartedly!


The eyes that once belonged to me
Through them all the beauty I did see
Now live longer than I did
Bringing joy to the once blind kid
His happiness knows no bounds
Now he can see things all around.

A wish I wish wholeheartedly
That I leave the world wholeheartedly!


The kidneys now are new fixtures
Not just for one but two Misters
Who waited for long for some donor
And now they sing like some crooner
What use was it if they died with me
Instead they filled two lives with glee.

A wish I wish wholeheartedly
That I leave the world wholeheartedly!


The bone marrow so fortunately
Has matched someone undoubtedly
Thus helping towards a cure
That had appeared obscure
Giving a gift of rejuvenation
To the life’s subscription.

A wish I wish wholeheartedly
That I leave the world wholeheartedly!


Having being a blood donor
In young age pretty sooner
A satisfactory feeling emerged
To be saving a life submerged
Every now and then and so often
A hero declared in my own challenge.



Poem of the Month : November 2016

published in The Asian Weekly Edition 323 (October 28th to November 3rd, 2016)





A haberdashery of the mind!

Threads of desire in the loom
Bring forth a gloom or a bloom
Pick up a green thread and
red slips out
Pick up a red thread and
blue falls out
Some threads bring a hopeful joy
Others tie around us like
serpentine desires
Getting entangled at each pull
that tries to be freed
The single strand threads of
single ambitions
Lighter in appearance and looks
Folded neatly around the books
Stay straight in their place
Unmoved, untied steadfast tenacity
That the broth of the mind cooks
The double strands of desire come masked
Appearing one yet being dual
Their duality of desires and duties
Struggling to keep pace with each other
Once embroidered with other strands
Settling like grass sun basked
Threads of desire in the loom
Cramped up in mind with not enough room
Swirling and twirling,
at times curling
Creating a mess in their world
Thoughts gone stale like fermented curd
Developing new ambitious turns
Without discarding older returns
Threads that stretch
A bit too long
Entanglement being their ritual
Of desires limitless
Snapping at a tight pull
Dark and ugly sometimes dull
Threads of desire in the loom
Weaving miracles and fantasies
The silken breath of each wish
Spreading wings out of the cocoon
Shedding the pupa phase of life
Emerging bright with shaping pride
The silver and the golden strands
Upon the casement pure white
Emerging once in floral hues
And then turning to rustic blues
Knitted together
By some binding glue
Numbered and tagged
Yet unique and unmatched
These threads of desire in the loom
Bring forth a gloom or a bloom



The Lotus Healing Seva Group, Kenya in celebration of the 11th Anniversary of the formation of the group hosted children from the slums to a picnic at The Karura Forest in Nairobi ( The Forest that made Prof Wangari Mathai popular due to her conservation efforts and later leading towards her receiving the Nobel Prize). This was a unique celebration and the children who learnt to plant trees with positive thoughts were also educated about the significance of giving back to the environment and appreciating Nature along with the Peace Mantra and Forgiveness.

Written below is a poetic report about the event in short. The children most of whom had been previously trained in Reiki also passed on Reiki energy while planting the trees. The guest list consisted of 34 children from the Makimei Children’s Home in Gitaru along with 4 Members of staff including the Director Margaret, 147 children from Sai Seva School in Kawangare along with their Headteacher and 9 other staff members. Additionally 13 girls from the HMGC ( Hawkers Market Girls Centre) also benefited from this unconditional celebration of spreading Happiness.


The 11th Anniversary celebrated
The Joys of sharing accelerated
The children young and innocent
So disciplined and well mannered.

An outing pulsated their energies
As they disembarked in anticipation
Sure and confident with their adults
Yet unsure of the coming moments.

They came from Makimei and Kawangare
From the slums the little gentlemen and ladies
Our special guests at Karura to LHSG
Joined by the smart ladies from HMGC.

Older ones holding hands of little ones
Caring love that was so evident
They freshened up at being relieved
To call of nature and a hand wash.

Lining up neatly and filing up to move
Led by LHSG leaders to their tents
Happy to fill the grumbling tummies
With the cupcakes and yummy yoghurt.


Amused at being numbered by badges
That securely got pinned to their sweaters
They gave a keen ear to the group leaders
Who taught them Om Shanti & forgiveness.

Interacting to the theory of peace and nature
They were happy to be in a green atmosphere
For now they knew why Earth is called Mother
As it sustains us all as to them is Mama Margaret.

They learnt why one must love and respect
The trees, the earth and the waters
By emanating blessings from their hearts and mind
They filled positivity in and around themselves.

They questioned the abundance of the Karura Land
Where no one stayed and yet was so grand
For they came from living in congested piece of land
Where to find free space was a luxurious stand.

It humbled us, their purity and ignorance
For we take things for granted and commit offence
Then excited they moved to plant the trees
Taught by LHSG and Joseph of Karura Forest
The significance and the right process.

They gave Reiki while planting trees
To the soil, Mother Earth, the water and the plant
With a chanting of peace and forgiveness
That was a primary act of society’s citizenship.

Returning from this pleasant activity
Some tired of the walk and some hungry
They poured blessed water in the flowing stream
With the intention of blessing all the waters.

And then what followed was so exciting
As they shared their love with the huge trees
By hugging them and thanking them
For providing shade, food and medicine.

Showing gratitude for the breathing oxygen
And to many creatures providing habitation
They loved it, simply loved the moments
Of breaking free in the hugging action.

Proceeding back to their allotted tents
After washing hands and straightened pants
Happy to the treat of mandazi and burgers
Coupled with a pack of milk and a water bottle.

The lunch time was a much needed nourishment
After the long forest walk and the activity moments
The gratitude-expressed by the head master
And the Namah Shivay chanting by the children.

That was followed by Margaret and Rachel’s
Words of thanks and humbleness
For being Kenyans of the very nation
This being a first visit to the Karura Forest.

The gleam in their eyes was evident
When the picnic brought in fun element
As they got the gifts of skipping ropes
And bouncing balls along with the footballs.

That kids little and grown up could play
In a huge forest field their imagination did sway
Some climbed up to the trees like monkeys
Some cutely weightlifting with water bottles.

The energised children continued to play
And returned to base with a gifts array
With goody bags and fresh fruits as carry alongs
The apples, pears biscuits and individual milk packs.

Accompanied by notebooks, pens, pencils for their smartness
To enhance the feeling of being cared
They even got combs and Vaseline for their own care.
The day so gratifying, the seva event
Better than any big party for any celebration.

In the media:

LHSG Kenya 11th Anniversary Event No. 3


Edition 320   07 October- 13 October 2016


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