मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)


मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
वह प्यार दुलार व दुआ की बहार
वो घर बुलाने के बहाने हज़ार
वो हर फ़रमाइश का पूरा करना
वो घंटों बैठ कर बातें करना

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
वो मायके जाकर सब भूल जाना
वो चुलबुलाहट का लौट के आना
मॉं की वह बातें प्यारी पिचकारी
दुख भुला लेती हर बिटिया बलिहारी

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
मॉं के हाथ की रोटी लगती मक्खन सी
नई जान भर देती बोझिल धड़कन की
वो मनपसंद पकवान बिटिया को खिलाना
दुलार भरी आँखों से टक टक निहारना

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
वह बचपन का फिर लौट के आना
यादों का ज्यूँ खुल जाए ख़ज़ाना
घंटों बैठ के माँ संग बतियाना
उसके लाड़ लड़ाने पर इतराना

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
वो तीखी चटनी मींठे आम की
वो बाग़ की सैर हर शाम की
वो बालों में तेल गरम लगाना
वो हर पसन्द को ध्यान में रखना

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
वो सास नन्द की बातें सुनना
और फिर प्यार से माथा सहलाना
उसका नाती पोतों पर न्योछावर जाना
उनके संग बच्ची बन खेल खेलना

मॉं है तो मायका भी है
मॉं है तो मन महका भी है
मॉं में मिलती है वह सखी पुरानी
मॉं से मिलती है वह पहचान पुरानी
मॉं से मायके की शान होती रूहानी
मॉं बिन अपनों के बीच बिटिया अनजानी







Acting like high peaked mountains
Almighty’s white and grey curtains
Sometimes triangular,
Sometimes rectangular
And at rare times circular

Standing mighty above our head
Water becomes their butter ‘n’ bread
Fed by the steam
Is their moisture cream
Along with vaporizer dream

Forming shapes of fairies and ghosts
Or horses with wings and fish with floats
Sometimes enchanting
Sometimes haunting
And at times simply play acting

Narrating stories drawn on the sky
Teaching little kids to become their spy
Enacting the Gods
They call the shots
Roaring thunders and raining water dots

Dark and dense on moonless nights
Pleasing white lights they give delights
Sometimes bright
Sometimes twilight
At dawn and dusk they break the light

Acting like high peaked mountains
Almighty’s white and grey curtains
Fluffy like cotton
We glimpse their bottom
Blessed is their rain filled sputum

Hiding away the glorious moonlight
Protective layer filters the sunlight
Sometimes a kite
Sometimes a fight
They witness events in all their flight

—————————————————————————————————————————————–IN THE MEDIA: 

Published as Poem of the Month : December 2017 in The Asian weekly Edition 380 ( Dec 01 -07, 2017) 







The strangeness fortified

Our habitats all toxified

The potbellied man walks ahead with his loads

On the awesomely crooked potholed roads

We could do with reducing the bulge from his affair

Balance out by adding that size of bulge elsewhere


The smoke and smog causing illness

The gaseous nature causing distress

Being cured by yet another gaseous element

With the combined hydrogen and oxygen segment

A pollution that occurred by the air

Is now to be treated by another air


The noxious pollutants rising all around

Choking and breathlessness on the ground

Nitrogenous waste and sulphur dioxide pair

Combination of smoke that fills the air

The heavy, ugly  and dark chemical fumes

Photochemical haze appearing like sand dunes


Mankind is climbing the illness stair

Having ignored his environment’s care

He realizes not that he has no part spare

The end to his wellness he doth prepare

Creating missiles and ammunitions under safety guise

Causing calamities untimely only to later despise


Luxurious comforts of his earthly life

Loss of activity and a digital lazy strife

The rape and abuse of resources upscale

Degradation of humanness on the humanity scale

Terror and politics that strive to rule beings

Killing ambitions of simple childhood dreams


Uncommon becoming simple life and death

The cancers, corruption and wickedness hath

Abusive is becoming the saintly pure mind

Polluted is becoming the mind of mankind

Warfare and terrorism becoming mainstream

Corruption and hatred have taken the cream


Disguised are relationships by motives

Perfection giving credit to web additives

Lost is the simplicity of kids’ innocent charm

Toddlers play games on phones that harm

Busy is parenthood in more than livelihood

Busier young generation to brandhood


The strangeness fortified

Our habits all toxified

The necessities have graduated from luxury life

Luxuries have up scaled their standard strife

Pollute the environment at future’s expense

We live a life of lies and fake pretence.




Bonfires lit to the ancient traditions

Families sitting encircled in unifications

Winter solstice bringing in the longer days

This harvest festival in gratitude prays

January the thirteenth being auspicious

This annual fun and frolic so ambitious

Eating sheaves of corn from new harvest

Gurh, gachjak and the cane to sweetest

Singing the tales of mythical Dulla Bhatti

Relishing sarson da saag with makki di roti

Treating children to gifts and festive eats

Tossing peanuts and sweet sesame treats

In the bonfire traditional to drum beats

Welcoming newlyweds in the household

Or celebrating the first winter of the child

Lohri festival of the Punjabi Hindus and Sikhs

Celebrated by Sindhis in the world as Lal Loi

Worshipping the Goddess of harvest called  Loee

Wherein children collect sticks long wooden

Light bonfires, sing and dance as brethren


—————————————————————————————————————————————–Published in the Coffee Table Book “DIWALI and Beyond” 2017 by The Asian Weekly:

Lohri poem 2017 TAW



The feast of fasting comes here

A festival that calls for share and care

For all those faithful so Islamic

The day observed with zest terrific

Bringing to end the month Ramadan

When fasting formed a vital form

Begin the day with a sweet something

Signifying new sweet beginnings

And praying Fajir in the local masjid

The incantation of Allah’s name sacred

The reading of Tabkirat becoming Divine

Adorning new clothes upon being well showered

Originating from the Holy Prophet Mohamed

The Eid Al Fitr commences Shawwal Hijri month

The Takbirs in praise of Allah the Great in gratitude

Forming a ritualistic Jamaat or a Prayer gathering

Giving Alms to the poor and wishing all well

Greeting and hugging to happiness swell

Published in The Coffee Table Book “DIWALI and Beyond” 2017 by The Asian Weekly:

Eid poem 2017 TAW


Gone are the gloomy dull boring pathways

Paving way for small bright color displays

A carpet on roads with purple uneven patches

Glimpses so many attractive within eye catches


Spring is announced with a lovely bold declare

Jacaranda is rich and blooming without a care

The trees heavily flower laden within the glare

Brighten alleys and parks purple without a spare


A heavenly sight proudly shown by the Almighty

In the little trumpet shaped flowers so very dainty

The fairyland feel comes from its clusters plenty

Growing in abundance this tough tropical beauty


The drought tolerant large rooted shady trees

In early summer and spring growing in sprees

Forming indigo arches and gleeful canopies

With fragrance attract bountiful birds and bees


Nairobi is painted in this purple hue all around

The clustered purple blues amid green surround

The rich foliage inviting is spread on all ground

The rain of these slender trumpets without sound


The velvety coat attractive under the clear sky

This generous sweetness attracts bees to fly

The slimy touch and look once flowers go dry

The sentiments praiseworthy from words comply


Poem of the month – November 2017 

Published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 376 (November 03rd to 09th)




The sighting of the new moon

After the dark night of no moon

Signifying the dark moves to renew

Emergence of the beginnings new

Celebrations of their Year New

Sindhis decked up in vibrant hue

Cheti Chand not merely a festival

Speaks of tales of the Sindhi revival

The first appearance of the moon

In the Sindhi month of Chet opportune

Birth Anniversary of patron saint Jhulelal

Also known as their Ishtadeva Uderolal

The day now marked as Sindhiyat Day

By Hindu Sindhis that gather to pray

Adorning the temple room in the homes

And placing in platter the Bahirano domes

Dancing the traditional Chhej holding sticks

And Lighting flour and ghee lamps with five wicks

Sweetened rice with cardamom  flavor

And chick peas boiled with added savor

Unites this day all the Hindu Sindhi commune

As to their Water God they offer tribune



Published in The Coffee Table Book “DIWALI and Beyond” 2017 by The Asian Weekly:

Cheti Chand poem 2017 TAW