Chapters : Being Born

They couldn't afford a cradle and a cot.... But you had to be kept in comfort by your lot.... They borrowed, they waited for gifts to come.... And sure enough, in gifts abundance came..... Grandparents arrived by the airplane..... With loads of goodies, gifts, toys and clothes.....


Reiki : What and Why about it. Interview with Sound Asia Radio Station Kamal Tolia and Monica Gokaldas went on air with Sound Asia and Abhijeet Gupta to talk about Reiki and energy healing, answer questions from listeners calling in and promote the Free Reiki level 1 workshop run by the Lotus Healing Seva Group … Continue reading Reiki


All peace and Quiet disappears when a war appears. The two or more opposing ends stand to lose immensely. Does it bring anyone a victory? Is the victory really a victory? So much bloodshed ! So much destruction! So much hatred! So much ambition for power! Eventually it renders hundreds into an unending trauma.