नए पटल पर शादी

आज के कोविड वाले समय में विवाह करना एक नया ही अंदाज़ हो गया है। न रिश्तेदार दूर देश सफ़र कर पाते, न बहुत से अपने, अपनों का साथ निभा पाते। मगर ऐेसे में एक नए पटल पर साथ निभाने का, व दूर से हर उत्सव में शामिल होने का भी अवसर मिलता है।

Rice Cold for warm days

A salad for those warm days when you don't feel like having a meal, yet you must have something to eat. This cold rice salad is a cool accompaniment, a meal replacer, a good option for a packed lunch for school or work. try out your own variations and give a kick to your creativity.

Grief Trauma Healing

Trauma of losing a dear one and not knowing how to cope with it, is getting more so challenging during the Pandemic as loved ones are unable to meet and say their final byes to their family members and friends. This separation is causing lot of anxiety and guilt and LHSG helps people cope with this grief by offering Reiki Healing.