The vacant eyes filled with stories untold
The hollow looks missed the glories’ unfold
With wrinkled hands and trembling fingers
His lean arms did gesture of sheer weakness

The voiceless words conveyed a message
The silent notes sung within the free mind
With lips unmoved a lot that had moved
Her quiet tales spoke of the untold finds

The gaze fixated to wonder where
The eyelids that had forgotten to flare
With an expressionless queasy stare
His face doth display an expressive affair

The legs fragile that went unmoved
The steps that only the chair did move
With the press of the buttons that obeyed
Her pace was minded by her wheelchair

The body that constantly needed rest
The layers of clothes and the cap with a crest
With the head rolling over towards a side
His fatigued self dozed off without a headrest

The matching scarf and the draped shawl
The thick long socks and the curly locks
With the tired arms that held the bag
Her agony of solitude cried as old age crawls

The disinterest in the newspapers and books
The listening to radio with partly deaf ears
With senses all five losing their strength
His boredom had outlived all forms of ennui

The holding of hands of each other tight
The moving of wheelchairs together in sunlight
With Old age creeping through each emotion
Their Life typical of loneliness amongst commotion

The aged centenarian couple had seen it all
The aged old couple had lived & experienced it all
The fun and frolic of young age that once was
Their stay in a Home for Aged is now their fate

The togetherness in life a blessing bountiful
The couple that grew through trials plentiful
With challenges and victories faced as a gift
The Aged couple in celebration of life merciful​

The memories of the beautiful days of yore​
The mighty old couple in love to the core
Withstood they have the time based test
For they emerged from the Almighty’s nest


​In the media:

Poem of the Month : August 2015

published in The Asian Weekly edition 363 ,04 to 10 August 2017


lhsg in TAW 363