Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan

Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan at SSDS  By Sikiladi  Sarva Pitra Amavasya was marked by Ayodhya Foundation at Shree Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Nairobi on Sunday, 25th September before mid-morning. Nearly 50 men, women and a few youngsters collectively performed a Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan not only of their family ancestors but also for several thousands of Hindu ancestors who lost their … Continue reading Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan

प्रेम से रहो! जीना है जब तक. क्यों न करे मोहब्बत ! रखें भाई चारा, न लें किसी की तोहमत! यादों की छोड़ छाप जहां में, ख़ुशनुमा करें खुद की क़िस्मत! आपसी नाता निभाएं , ईश्वर की मान नेमत! सिकीलधी

LHSG’S EARTH-KEEPERS! (A healer’s dairy)

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 609,(May 6th -12th,2022) News direct from the LHSG page may be found on the below mentioned link: The Lotus Healing Seva Group have planted several plants and trees over the years, across the continents and have witnessed a remarkably high percentage of success in seeing those trees grow … Continue reading LHSG’S EARTH-KEEPERS! (A healer’s dairy)

REIKI and CANCER CURE (A healer’s dairy)   The Lotus Healing Seva Group visit Faraja Cancer Care once a week and spend time interacting with the Cancer affected and give them Reiki Treatment as part of their Seva ( voluntary service). Common questions we hear from patients are if Reiki can cure Cancer. I would say a big YES to … Continue reading REIKI and CANCER CURE (A healer’s dairy)