Geeta Jayanti

It came like a silent note and struck a lovely chord.   5153 years of the Holy Book Celebrated in each corner and nook.   A worldwide Chanting of shlokas On the day 18/12/18 this Tuesday.   The lessons repeated in many minds Learning done in various kinds.   Do your duty, fear thy not … Continue reading Geeta Jayanti


The Little Earth Keepers

The Lotus Healing Seva Group celebrated their 13th Anniversary by treating various slum dwellers around Nairobi to day filled with fun games and activities along with tree planting.

सतगुरू स्वरूप

सतगुरू एक लेता नया आकार एवं बनता अनेक से एक। चोला बदल कर आया फिर से गुरू। निरंकारी समुदाय की सतगुरू माता सविंदर हरदेव के देहांत पश्चात उनकी सुपुत्री के सहयोग भरे कुछ शब्द पेश हैं