The Easter Trends : Point Blank

Opinion about Easter and the trends connected with the festival.


सिंधीयों को उनकी कुर्बानी का क्या सिला मिला । लेखक-संजय वर्मा

The pain of the community is barely understood by others as people tend to notice only the opulent few.

Empowerment of Sindhi's

चेटीचंड अब एक धार्मिक उत्सव ही नहीं ,सिंधु संस्कृति और अस्मिता का प्रतीक पर्व भी है ! लाजमी है कि आज के दिन देश को सिंधियों की कुर्बानी को जानने समझने की कोशिश करना चाहिए ।

उन्होनें कोई सवाल नहीं पूछा… ! ये भी नहीं , कि जिस सफर पर उन्हें भेजा जा रहा है , उसकी मंजिल कहाँ है । वे बस उठे , और चल दिये । ताकि आपकी आजादी की लड़ाई का आखिरी पन्ना लिखा जा सके । वे बस चल दिये, अपने खेत-मकान, जमीन-जायदाद अपने मंदिरों, पीरों-फकीरों ,अपने गली चैबारों ,अपनी नदियों ,अपने सहराओं को छोड़कर । वे जानते थे कि ये एक मुश्किल सफर होने वाला है और सफर में वे बस उतना ही समान अपने साथ रखना चाहते थे जितना जिंदा रहने के लिये जरूरी हो । अपनी किताबे अपनें गीत, लोरियाॅ, संगीत, बाजे सबकुछ जैसे एक ‘एक्स्ट्रा बैगेज‘ था इस सफर मे ।…

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A letter for the old, fragile me.

Reposting this as a follow up on my work “Shame and guilt” when the #Me too seems to making rounds. There are so many victims and so few voices.


You are going to get through this. In 2 years time you’ll be sat on your bed writing a blog post on how you conquered inpatient, are in a home of your own, and can finally close your eyes at night without seeing the devil in the darkness of your eyelids. Your going to be get through this, You won’t have to worry about those ‘how are you feeling? Don’t answer that. I will tell you how you are feeling because you can’t tell me.’  you won’t have to think about the constant darkness surrounding you everyday of your life, tell someone, tell them now, sooner rather than later because they will believe you M, they really believe you. They support you, they’ve held you up, they’ve got you help, they love YOU. Not him. HEs lying, everything he says is a lie. You need to ignore who he was and…

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Shame and guilt

We often complain about rape and abuse in the society but we forget to give a voice to our daughters and sisters. Incest is a major crime going on through ages thanks to the sick mentality that makes some men feel manly enough at committing these crimes. We have failed to inculcate the moral and ethic values in our boys and over instilled the same in our girls. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for remaining mute, deaf and blind. 

CHRISTMAS : Celebrating the birth of Christ

  December’s unique celebration Hearts full of worship and jubilation A family time for the entire clan Their celebratory customs need a plan Involving heightened economic activity Christmas celebrated as per one’s Nativity The songs pre-Christmas get played plenty Origins of customs and themed music gaiety The bringing in of the Christmas Tree Adornment with … Continue reading CHRISTMAS : Celebrating the birth of Christ


Plastic bags are banned in KENYA since September 2017. This is a brave step towards conservation of our planet by reducing the usage of at least one of the pollutants. Although people have mixed opinions ref the ban, they have no option but to observe it. I personally feel the masses must be first educated on the ill-effects of plastic usage and advised on alternatives which were prevalent in the plastic-less days.