World Environment Day – Emotional Abundance!

he happiness that we are so gaining is most times dependent on other people’s reactions and behavior resulting in depletion of our own inner joy and emotional power. Our elders were richer emotionally and parented with happiness unlike today’s stressful parenting where we are ourselves emotionally week. Click on the link for more about the soulful aspect of environment conservation......

Beat Plastic Pollution!

The Vehicle that encourages conservation. Conservation reminds of older generation. Older generation that used and re-used. The fountain pens holding liquid ink to write. Write not using single use pens looking bright. Bright shall be the future of the atmosphere. Read on for more by cllicking on the link ....Beat The pollution....

श्री गंगा दशहरा!

'भ' वणर्स्य देवीं तु मता मन्दाकिनी वसुः ।।देवता बीजं 'उं' चैव गौतमोऽसावृषिस्तथा॥निमर्ला यन्त्रमेवं च निमर्ला विरजे पुनः ।।भूती सन्ति फलं चैव निमार्ल्यं पापनाशनम्॥ अर्थात - 'भ' अक्षर की देवी- 'मन्दाकिनी', देवता- 'वसु', बीज- 'उं', ऋषि- 'गौतम', यन्त्र- निर्मालायन्त्रम, विभूति- निर्मला एवं विरजा' और प्रतिफल- निर्मलता व पापनाश' हैं ।। दृश्यमान गंगा और अदृश्य गायत्री की … Continue reading श्री गंगा दशहरा!


Despite all efforts we might slip a little sometimes when seeking the spiritual progress. Living in a world full of vasanas and attractions, of name, fame, success, recognition, misery, sorrow and comparisons the spiritual success often takes a set back but we mustn't be disheartened and must not lose hope. We must again create the desire - the Iccha and again follow it and do it. That's the secret of success not only i spiritual gains but also for any other goals of life. Read on for more into the self upliftment

हिन्दू मंत्रों व रेंकी सहित वृक्षारोपण

अनन्य उत्सव इस माह के 'अनन्य-उत्सव' की अगली कड़ी के रूप में हम प्रस्तुत करते हैं अनन्य-केन्या का नया अंक अनन्य-केन्या की संपादक सारिका फलोर के शब्दों में इस अंक में आप पढ़ पाएँगे केन्या के हिन्दी कवि, लेखकों की रचनाएँ, सांस्कृतिक उत्सव व कला-चित्रकारी की झलक - -संपादकीय - सारिका फलोर - "मातृ शक्ति … Continue reading हिन्दू मंत्रों व रेंकी सहित वृक्षारोपण