The Messiah shall return

He shall come once again to lift the curse...... And release the world from Covid hearse...... Easter Celebration during the challenging Pandemic times when Lockdown is still a reality in 2021 and places of worship have doors closed to worshippers......... Read on for more.......

Grief Trauma Healing

Trauma of losing a dear one and not knowing how to cope with it, is getting more so challenging during the Pandemic as loved ones are unable to meet and say their final byes to their family members and friends. This separation is causing lot of anxiety and guilt and LHSG helps people cope with this grief by offering Reiki Healing.

The Silent Sevaks

It is believed charity can be done at any time, at any place, at any limit. At LHSG charity is done of time of individuals that dedicate their precious moments to heal the hurting hearts of many near them and not so near them - across the borders, across the continents - with their unconditional love. Read on how do they do this selfless service towards the society....


Anxiety disorders caused by wages dismissed, Furloughs, layoffs, paycuts like asps hissed. The heartache of workmates dearly missed, Pushed to virtual screens in zoom meeting trysts......


Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 499 ( Mar 27 - Apr 02, 2020) The cities are quiet, the roads are clean Mother Earth is glowing in newfound sheen Pollutants reduced, fresh air increased Such is the effect of Corona scare indeed Families sit together to pray and eat No longer the rush for errands … Continue reading THE PAUSE