Grief Trauma Healing (A healer’s dairy)

Trauma of losing a dear one and not knowing how to cope with it, is getting more so challenging during the Pandemic as loved ones are unable to meet and say their final byes to their family members and friends. This separation is causing lot of anxiety and guilt and LHSG helps people cope with this grief by offering Reiki Healing.

The below write up was published last year but stands valid even as I post this today. Since April 2020 the Lotus Healing Seva Group has helped and continues to help several families during their time of grief.

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GRIEF TRAUMA Healing in Covid 19 Time

By Sikiladi dated May 2020

Covid 19 has come with numerous challenges all over the world. One big challenge that is not much spoken about is the Grief Trauma that has hit several families that have lost their near and dear ones due to the Deadly Virus or due to other reasons.

 Grief takes over the families’ emotions and causes lot of trauma but in the present time frame this trauma is multiplied as family members of the deceased feel left out, separated and guilty owing to travel restrictions in most countries. There is lot of anger coupled with anguish when one feels helpless not being with rest of the family members or being unable to attend to the last rites of their loved one.

Kamal Tolia, the Founder of Lotus Healing Seva Group came up with a Healing proposal that could help the grieving members of the society in Kenya and other parts of the world. Under her able guidance the group has continued with their seva oriented hours sitting in the comfort of their homes following the advisories and directives by the Health Ministry. Since about a month now, LHSG have been sending out “Grief Trauma Healing” to the specified members of certain families that approached the group members with very positive results.

The process goes like this explains Monica Gokaldas:                

  1. A family member or a close relative or friend contacts LHSG through their website or email or over the phone.
  2. Once the contact is established and the case understood the person is explained the process of healing and the necessary requirements to be followed by those that intend receiving the Healing. This Healing is Distance Healing and works wonders even across the continents.
  3. A time frame and number of days is agreed upon by both parties and then LHSG begin their task of sending out the distant Reiki Healing Energy to the group of people agreed upon. The number of people could vary in each case – from two or three to any number of people that need the healing specifically for Grief Trauma.
  4. LHSG are doing this as an essential service to humanity in this Pandemic period and do not charge for this voluntary service (Seva).

The families in India, Kenya, UK that have received this healing so far have been very satisfied and felt a tremendous difference wherein the grief though there doesn’t become very traumatic. They feel calmer, more in acceptance, less agitated and a general feel good factor with this Reiki Healing.

“We would like to help more affected people and families in these trying times and welcome anyone who needs this healing from our group” adds Kamal Tolia as she shares the following details about how the group can be contacted for Healing.



Phone: +254 725 368 931

Published in The Asian weekly, Edition 505. 08 – 14th May 2020

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