By Sikiladi

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 504 ( May 01 – 07, 2020

It has come. And, it is here.

But it has to go. And, it will go

Leaving behind loud and bold scars!

Scars not easily erased, unpleasant, bizarre

The Pandemic snatched away funfair

Leaving ugly specks of drain and despair

Long after it shall be gone or contained

We would all realize the scars obtained

We shall stay to witness with grieving hearts

The blotched financial losses, on the charts                

The scars of joblessness and absence of sports

Blemishes of medical failures that dearly cost

The scars of being shunned and shooed by all

When on one the deadly disease doth befall

The scars of scary thoughts in lonely time spent

Of being in the tragedy of solitary confinement

The scars of begging for a piece of bread

To sustain life by a lean faded thread

The Fashion houses and tailors who set trends

Once Stitched your fabrics with pride upheld

The scars that made the hairdresser untouchable

For he/she might be that virus carrier probable

Their scissors and capes, combs and brushes

The once precious tools, now became hassles

Anxiety disorders caused by wages dismissed

Furloughs, layoffs, pay cuts like asps hissed

The heartache of workmates dearly missed

Pushed to virtual screens in zoom meeting trysts

Losing self dignity to depressing low notes

The ugly scars caused of delayed antidotes

Restraining movements and mingling with none

Hitting temperaments and making fearsome

Domestic violence increasing within walls

Egos finding big thrashing to spouse calls

Intolerance and demands causing the pressure

Stained relationships oozing sadness by nature

Economic trends taking downward plunge

Businesses lost to the pandemic crunch

The scars of not eking enough to spare

Emptied coffers causing unseen despair

Walking carefree holding hands with friends

Shall be long forgotten trends as legends

The scars of staying aloof from one and all

Secluding shared times to digitized call

Childhood fun of developing by playing

Marred and scarred by indoors laying

Having lost the charm of exchanging chats

They sit meekly at home as playful cats

The pain and trauma of losing dear ones

To Covid 19 the world made sacrifice runs

The scarred torture of not bidding farewell

To parents or siblings under the virus hell

Families got separated across the borders

The Pandemic having cost insecure orders

Returning back home an agenda for many

In a defaced world shunning travel for any

2 thoughts on “SCARS!

  1. Scars
    Such a painful long fall
    Has created a scar for all
    Economic and emotional
    It has really taken a toll

    Monica putting words to it
    We feel we are not alone in it
    Sounding loud our own pain
    You make that pain a bit sane

    Thank you Monica for ever
    Mindful for the unheard fever
    That is beyond any measure
    Your words are a real treasure

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Shariffa for your poetic words
    They create magic on the hurts absurd
    The depth of truth sounds in your rhyme
    It feels that these are sentiments mine


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