The Messiah shall return

Published in The Asian Weekly, Easter Edition

The Messiah shall return

By Sikiladi 

A time to commemorate new beginnings 

For, death is game of life’s new innings

 He who died, for the sake of humanity 

Life became his true new eventuality 

He rose, He awakened to life again 

Defeating tortures and all inflicted pain

He who lived to lead the path sacred

Many a troubled souls he motivated 

He shall come once again to lift the curse

And release the world from Covid hearse

Upliftment from the gloomy days is awaited

Escape from the Pandemic period with breath abated

The Lent went silent as went the Palm Sunday 

In quietude all commemorative calendar day

Prayer is real, prayer is kind, prayers helps from grind

He teaches that prayers are pious without confines

This Easter May not appear much of a fun run

Places of worship too face the corona gun

He tests the patience of his Earthly offspring 

The race of creatures known as Human Being

He is with you, for you, within you as ever before 

Project Him within you, through your self door

The messiah of the world shall return

To bless all beings with rejoice and fun

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