Masked Christmas

Masked Christmas

By Sikiladi

Shunted expression

Stunted festivities

Paused pleasantries

Hiccupping hollies

The glory of Christmas somewhat faded

Akin to a plant in a bonsai jaded

Fearful folks hiding behind doors

Painfully vacant studios and dance floors

Families far spread, yet to unite

Travelling turns tragic and impolite

This year was gifted with uniqueness

A masked Christmas lacking funkiness

Traditions maintained in silent tones

Covid has given jitters down the bones

A sneeze that never was so scary

Gives people a run turning them wary

Halloween hauntings seem unending

Job losses make monsters of festive spending

Carols cuddled and confused behind masks

Sounding muffled and minced word tasks

Distancing between friends and familiars

Taking all the zest away from jovialness

The Seasons spirit lacking the hustle and bustle

Pandemic causing medical issues on human cradle

The Elf and Santa slowed by quarantine

Isolation for some like a cruel pantomime

Christmas décor of trees, stars and razzle and dazzle

Untouchable this year, to kids, seems like a puzzle

Vacations forced by extensions unlimited

Each day is Zoom, Facetime and Google tainted

Churches bound by number count and bound

Families grieving Covid losses mourning in low sound

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 537, ( December 18 – 24th, 2020)

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