Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 501, April 10-16, 2020

With Lockdowns and curfew containments

       We learnt to live with confinements

      Religious fervor and sustainments    

Led us to celebrations in subjugations

A silence huge has overtaken us all

Pandemic misery that doth fall

Yet, the spirit must be elated high

For, the good times now are nigh

Easter is here at our doorstep

The prayerful must now step up

Closed may be the churches for us

Yet, Jesus the Lord hasn’t forgot us

The Lent we saw through gloom

The Palm Sunday appeared on Zoom

The Good Friday brings goodness

And the Monday shall bring a bloom

Mahavir Jayanti went past in quiet

For the Jains practicing vegetarian diet

Yet, the celebration was upheld in hearts

For, this was a big day on their charts

Hanuman Jayanti too a day so special

With chanting of the Chalisa essential

Singing glories of Ram bhakt Hanuman

Restricted by challenges environmental

Lord Ram’s prayers evermore exponential

For the Hindus the deity so very essential

Remembered all over the day communal

Ram Navami too marked indoors subsocial

The turbaned Sikhs too, silent for once

Marked a special day as a solemn occurrence

Vaisakhi celebrated with prayers enhanced

The Gurudwara is solitary just this chance


  1. Silently leaving fronds if palm
    On the locked gates of eerie calm

    Walking silently in sun bask
    I wear my full protective mask

    Today too is the day of Passover
    When will this pandemic pass over?

    Good Friday indeed it’s luck
    Even though we are in lock

    Pools of hope we create and raise
    Skward we look and moon gaze

    Ramadan we are anticipating
    Isolated, we shall be fasting

    The divine is with us around us
    We raise our hands He surround us

    Monica in your words you embrace
    All those who see His divine grace

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  2. Shariffa Ji you so inspire me to write more always. Loved your poetic comment.
    Ramadan though isolated, will be highlighted by the soul
    The fasting not leading to fasting, will be a marking so pure.


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