The Silent Sevaks (A Healer’s dairy)

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 537, (December 18 – 24, 2020)

The Silent Sevaks of LHSG

By Sikiladi

While the world is gripped by fear, illness, frustration and uncertainty of sorts, the group of reiki healers of LHSG  have been carrying on with their seva spirit – silently, from the comfort and safety of their own homes and making a difference by bringing solace to the hurting hearts of many.  As the Covid 19 kept spreading its ugly tentacles the compassionate hearts of these healers couldn’t sit silently doing nothing about it.

Grief Trauma Healing                                             

LHSG members since April this year started giving distant reiki healing to several families affected by deaths. The lockdowns and travel restrictions coupled with safety concerns have prevented family members to be together in times of grief hence causing distress, guilt and trauma. With Reiki healing for a fixed number of days coming from the healing group has eased the situation of several families not only in Kenya but in various countries such as UAE, India, U.K.,U.S.A to name a few. This dedicated silent seva has brought in immense acceptance and helped people move on and received lot of positive feedback from many.

Faraja, Elderly and Covid 19

Under the guidance of Kamal Tolia, the group members all over the world have united their energies as always and have continued with their reiki seva uninterrupted having changed the modus operandi to distant healing when it comes to their weekly therapy sessions for a few Homes for Elderly, cancer patients attached to Faraja with an added on responsibility of sending healing energies to the Covid patients as per the innumerable requests pouring in each day. Members dedicate their time and healing energy voluntarily for those in need of their services in their own quietude.

15th Anniversary Seva

In keeping with the seva tradition of the group LHSG once again rose up to doing additional seva events to mark the 15th Anniversary of the group. The events as per the changing patterns have been conducted virtual more than physical in accordance to the directives by the Health Ministry. The Anniversary celebrations despite technical hitches, internet low speeds went on to perfection extending from August till December.

Reiki Camp for Adarsh Nagar Refugee Camp in Delhi, India: conducted by Kamal Tolia and Mamta Advani on 9th and 16th August was a very encouraging self-empowering training for the 21 new reiki learners that helped them to overcome the gloom of being in their refugee status. The residents of this camp are the Hindu migrants from Pakistan who needed the comforting energies of Reiki to help them heal their hurting hearts.

Reiki Camp for Adarsh Nagar Refugee Camp in Delhi, India: conducted by Kamal Tolia and Mamta Advani on 19th and 26th September imparting Reiki training to 43 children and 4 adults.

Reiki Camp for Faraja: Sheela Shah imparted Reiki training to 5 cancer patients and care givers on 8th and 9th of October.

Reiki Level 2 Camp for Faraja: Sheela Shah imparted this advanced level training to two patients on the 12th and 13th November.

Ho’oponopono Workshop: The Forgiveness workshop conducted by Kamal Tolia on 24th and 25th November was attended by 45 people from Kenya, South Africa, U.S.A., U.K., U.A.E. and India.

Reiki Camp in U.A.E.: The LHSG, U.A.E. Incharge Kritikala Kamdar from Abu Dhabi and Dubai member Pooja Tiwari conducted Reiki training for 9 people among them Indians, Filipinos and Iraqi nationals on 27th November.

A treat for Mukuru outreach: On 29th November 157 children, teachers and staff of the Mukuru Outreach Academy (Class 4 & Class8) were treated by LHSG to a meal of Green gram stew, chapattis, milk and cakes. If it wasn’t for the Pandemic the children would have been taken for an outing for a picnic and fun day as a usual practice for these young Reiki practitioners. They joyfully sang the birthday song for Lotus Healing Seva Group as they cut the various eggless cakes sent to them.

A treat for Dada’s Schools: On 7th December 137 children and teachers and staff at Dada’s School at Dagoretti and 160 children, teachers and staff at Dada’s school at Thika were treated with scones, milk and chocolates by LHSG. The beneficiaries of these treats shared their recordings of how they diligently keep up with their Reiki practice which gave pleasure to the members of the group.

International Members: LHSG members from various parts of the world took up some sort of additional Reiki commitment to mark the 15th Anniversary despite being busy with Covid healings and Grief Trauma Healings. The members did these sevas in their own manner towards Nature, Environment, healing hurting hearts, special cases and all that is detailed on the group’s website for inspiration to others

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