Blessings or Banishment

Tables have turned for us humans

And like wise for animal species

Distanced by choice

Shying away from meeting people

Our own dear ones –

Our friends and colleagues –

– all in equal measure

Those in whom we took solace once

From them we move further away

For life is dear, there is fear

Hopelessness shrouds upon us so-

– we touch not our own pretty face

Avoiding the very gentle strokes

That once fondled our cheeks and hair

The tiny little unseen enemy

brought us down to our knees

We plead to Almighty for some mercy

Cocooned in safety, being homebound

Earning money no more a yearning


Life is precious and the virus is scaring

Covid 19 engulfed the world in it’s grip

The human race at mercy of God’s drip

Abandoned our travels and fun trips


There is peace for someone else out there

Who lives in total freedom in oblivion

A comic imagery depicting the scenario shift from before Covid 19 to during Covid19

The Animal Kingdom finally found some relief

The self caged victims submerged in grief

Can bring no harm to birds and bees


They sit behind their locked doors

Hiding behind masks so fanciful

The” touch me nots ” of manly world

Imprisoned by choice in one voice

Scampering to safety, panic submerged

Birds takeover the once crowded and busy Connaught Place in New Delhi, India as humans sit safe at home hiding from the unseen enemy.

While those from the Wild world

Cross their range to take a stroll

Unhindered, threatened not, they move


There’s no one out to give them a shoo

They seem to be victorious for this once

And appear to be saying , “Boo! Boo!”

The winged ones feeling joyous too

As they spread out on vacant roads

The earth is fun! They find it true!

The waters bodies now more cheerful

As Fish found new freedom gleeful

The threats to their safety vanished

As their demons sit silently on chairs

Someone’s blessing another banishment

The earth is renewing old contract.

The true owners of the land finally have the opportunity to reclaim their territory during Lockdown period of the Covid 19 Pandemic

5 thoughts on “Blessings or Banishment

  1. Banishment or Blessing

    Blessing it is Dear Monica

    Not a banishment at all
    Such inspired words fall
    From your nib to us all
    We read and laugh all

    Tables turned as we are caged
    Animals look on we are enraged
    From routine we are estranged
    A war inside us now is waged

    Calm and serene we now reflect
    I win you lose that we all reject
    It is no more our single object
    This I know we will never forget


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