The cities are quiet, the roads are clean

Mother Earth is glowing in newfound sheen

Pollutants reduced, fresh air increased

Such is the effect of Corona scare indeed

Families sit together to pray and eat

No longer the rush for errands umpteen

Precious time of gather within the house

Compatibility found, forgotten all grouse

Prudency in prevention by folks is seen

The world has united by ‘Pandemic scene’

They stand all united, to help mankind

Cast, creed, color and race all did bind

Appreciation for each other across the shores

Unison in prayers beyond those closed doors

Each selfless chant in earnest for the world

Evidence enough that all humanity is One Herd

Family, friend, employee or employer

No one is raised high, no one low below

The virus sees no difference of anyone’s might

It treats all equal, rich, poor, rural or urbanite

Covid 19 has taught lessons valuable to all

Practice hygiene and cleanliness not to fall

The age old greetings of respect re emerge

Namaste with hands folded regains a surge

Grandma’s wisdom of washing hands often

Is the norm of the day as a habit undertaken

Roam not wasteful, conserve energy thine

Eat neat meals at home, thrift away no dime

Religions have united in shutting some doors

Teaching us to pray in silence within our doors

Children are delighted to have parents home

Likewise parents happy to welcome them home

Entertainment found a friend in recreation

Being home bound is no longer subjugation

Quality time for oneself and one’s well being

Doing home cooking for a healthy living

Giving us the appreciation for our each breath

The luxuries, the comforts, the freedom and health

Giving us time to pause away from busy ness

Giving  time to pause the traffic & pollution mess

The world came to a pause for its newness

A blessing in disguise Covid brought stillness

Uniting not just countries but continents

Showing us on earth we are mere denizens

Many a lives we ended for food and sport

Payback time brought Corona for God’s court

The birds and the bees chirp and buzz in happiness

Animal world breathes free with Humans Cagey-ness

A Lent with a difference, a silent Hindu New Year

A pious prayerful Navratri, a quiet Navroz affair

Energy conservation and a lull in party atmosphere

The pregnant pause shall deliver us all in new gear

The awareness gained, abundance acknowledged

The services so selfless by individuals admired

4 thoughts on “THE PAUSE

  1. Yes the PAUSE button we pressed
    Has given much deserved rest

    We are looking for inner solution
    Drastically decreased all pollution

    Families unite indoors safe
    Everyone in a ver slow pace

    How welcoming is it
    We have embraced it

    We can keep the divine
    Adopt all that is more fine

    Thank you Monica a comprehensive overview
    In such beautiful rhyme

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God has given us answer to Slow Down.
      Dont keep Running but appreciating and spending quality family time.
      Pollution levels are dropping and Mother Earth can breathe now, bring Joy to future.

      Thank you for sharing Pause in our life.

      Liked by 1 person

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