Nature’s Trail – (4)

Thank you for inspiring in me some poetic rhyme.Dear moon it helps to cleanse my mental grime. Enchanting wave of meditative alert. The passion and compassion with trust. Uplifting waves of Forgiveness like a fortitude. Fill my entire being with immense gratitude.Sikiladi

PARYUSHAN PARVA : The Festival of Forgiveness

Paryushan Parva is an annual Jain festival linked to forgiveness. Members of Jain Community are meant to be observing a strict fasting period for ten days, maintaining abstinence from all worldly pleasures. During this period they nurture their soul by staying simplistic and virtuous in keeping with the teachings of their religion.
They ask for forgiveness from all that could have hurt any sentiments knowingly or unknowingly by them and also forgive anyone who has hurt them in any way.