Letting go on life (A healer’s dairy)

I was amazed at this woman’s straightforward attitude and she had no regret, no fear of death. She said she hadn’t slept well since months and the cough keeps bothering her. She had a fairly large pillow that was equally stout so her head stays elevated and I wondered how uncomfortable it must be for her. Having explained a bit about what Reiki is and my process of therapy I started off with the session whilst Shashi and Vasudha sat in another room chanting some prayers for her well being.

REIKI and CANCER CURE (A healer’s dairy)

https://youtu.be/2w7r_oEjVAg   The Lotus Healing Seva Group visit Faraja Cancer Care once a week and spend time interacting with the Cancer affected and give them Reiki Treatment as part of their Seva ( voluntary service). http://www.kamaltolia.com/?p=2791 Common questions we hear from patients are if Reiki can cure Cancer. I would say a big YES to … Continue reading REIKI and CANCER CURE (A healer’s dairy)