New Awakening!

New Awakening!

The year is ending

With gloom suspending

Covid has been nerve rendering!

Now we look forward to the New Year ushering

That’ll be entered with a new awakening

We shall reap the fruits of what we planted

In the Pandemic ridden 2020 year that haunted

We shall now live within our means

Having altered our show-off genes

We shall welcome the year on a humble note

Without the hangovers, boozing n bloat

We shall be better prepared to face challenge

Having overcome the ugly corona scavenge

We shall live with love and respect for all

Shedding all inequality, taught by the corona call

We shall live with the awakening of heartfelt care

Distancing from wasteful and helping others with spare

We shall appreciate simplicity and authenticity

Of cosmetic deprived faces around the city

We shall appreciate the value of each breath

Having lost human lives, many to death

We shall live with satisfaction of having our family

When a lot was at stake, they comforted us calmly

We shall live with a spiritual self-surround state

Pondering meditatively, cleaning up the Karma slate

We welcome the brand new 2021 year

Shaking off the fear, and living with a cheer

2 thoughts on “New Awakening!

  1. Amin Monica
    May your words be blessed
    That cheer come to us
    That all fear leave us
    That hope come us

    May your words be blessed
    Surrender yes we do
    Give up inequality too
    Gather wisdom and view

    May your words be blessed
    We welcome positive change
    Embrace what is in range
    Although it may seem strange

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