GURUDEV: Swami Chinmayananda


Salutations to thee Oh wise one

Thou are the Knower of Om

Beyond the body – Dehatitaya

Nirupamaya – thou are incomparable


Bringing Hinduism to Hindus and All

You uplifted many from consciousness fall

Your spiritual encounters created wise men

Through those men the world shall gain


Uncanny, witty your methods of speech

Unique are the methods by which you preach

I wonder like you anyone else can teach

For out of this world is your outreach


Your BMI chart simply so expressible

Your source of inspiration inexhaustible

The Geeta Gnana brought forth by you

Nurtures lifestyles spiritually adjustable


You conquered the senses and imparted sense

Your taint-less magnanimity with prudence

Salutations to you –the best among men at glance

The Great sage, teacher of Mahavakyas enhance


You lived life incomparable from the rest

Within storms you remained undisturbed best

Dhairyapradaya – Instiller of courage immense

Beyond dualities you lived with pertinence





2 thoughts on “GURUDEV: Swami Chinmayananda

  1. You are fortunate Guruji for having met him in person. I have met him only through his video clips and Geeta explanations and cannot stop admiring the vast ocean of knowledge in Him.


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