Travel Trails! (7) Temple Art

Outer façade of a roadside temple in Bengaluru The deity inside is worshipped The outer glance too worshipped The decorative creativity enchants Just a passing glimpse gives grants The Southern Temple art is devotional The carvings and sculpting is special For, the workmen build with dedication Their hearts filled with divine compassion Sikiladi


A floral depiction of Bhagwan Ganesh at a Sindhi Hindu Wedding Altar in Dubai. The Divine manifestation takes form, With an elephant head on human form. He bestows auspiciousness with a charm, Blesses each occasion with prayer perform. Adding goodness and sanctity to the events, From all harm ’Vighna harta’ prevents. Be it a child … Continue reading Ganesh!

International Bindi/ Tilak Day Launched

Published in The Asian Weekly , Edition 581 ( October 22 - 29, 2021) A Nairobi-an defines her pride in her bindi Three Generations of a family flaunt their Bindis in Nairobi Members of Sanatan Dharam Group, Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia & their family members Sanatan Dharam Group members and families marked the day … Continue reading International Bindi/ Tilak Day Launched

मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति Meri Bindi Meri Anubhuti

मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति  कोई करता रक्त का दान कोई परिश्रम व समय का दान कोई करते खाद्य पथार्थ दान कुछ विशेष गण करते घन से दान मत भूलो इतिहास हमारा माथे लम्बा तिलक सज़ा कर वीरों ने दिए प्राणों के बलिदान हमारी सभ्यता के चिन्ह हैं महान क्यों शठ बन हम तजते यह स्वाभिमान … Continue reading मेरी बिन्दी मेरी अनुभूति Meri Bindi Meri Anubhuti