An Ode to Foodie



Kitchens of the world combined

In this book that’s yours and mine


The Asian Weekly fancied cuisine delight

Teasing the palates, tongues and taste buds


Tantalize the taste receptors basic ones

With feisty eyes, sharp nose and awakened ears


Led by your individual doors of perception

Choose your type of dining and give it a run



Be it Indian, Pakistani or Mid Eastern one

The Kebabs, Tikkas and Biryanis are all fun


The Oriental aromas engulf the buds in delight

Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Schezwan to the flavor right


The spice levels savored as per one’s might

The sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami strong or light


Fermented seasonings of the Japanese find

Add hidden zest to the Sashimi and Sushi kind


Cucina Italian giving the garlic and butters a grind

The breads crusty, shaped pastas from the dough bind


Chasing the cheese so blue, white, yellow divine

The French Connection in satiating tummies thine


Connoisseurs in appetite and presentation lessons

Foodies relish gourmet coursed meals in abbreviation


A splash of some vinegar with tangy acidic nature

Drops of Soy sauce or horseradish forming fusion culture


Olives, gherkins and maize meal flat or curved breads

With the cow boyish kick find the Mexican spreads


Forgetting not our Swahili tradition so exotic

The beans, the greens and tubers adding frolic



Photo Credits : Google Images

Published in The Asian weekly, Culinaire (Diwali) Edition 2018

Ode to Foodie


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