My Mother



In the darkest nights she held me tight
Her charming presence shone like a light
In the gloomiest hour she was my superpower
Her being was the most fragrant flower
With a heart of gold and a smile to behold
She glows in my memory at life’s threshold

I am precious now than ever before
For I am her legacy to the core
In each breathe I owe this life to her
In each noble deed I emulate her
She lives through me to every pore
She’s gone but she is with me evermore


My guide, my tutor, my life manual
Her infinite love abundant yet gradual
In equal measure she multiplied herself
To be with each of us so very selfless
She held my hand becoming my defender
In times lonely when life turned challenger


Her heavenly beauty the best masterpiece
Created by Almighty a mindful of peace
Her wisdom pearls adorned my thoughts
And cleared my path from blemish spots
Her silken fingers brushed smooth my hair
With her around life was without a care

She made me smile, somehow she really did
She soothed all my pains when I was a kid
Narrating stories and fairy tales a plenty
Tucking me gently to bed and I was naughty
She was my life’s brightest rainbow
My Mother, My Mummy had a light glow.

Published in The Asian Weekly :


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