From the silence Hope shall bloom And then there shall be   No room left for gloom A Child's prancing so cute Silently peeping in the mute Giving stealthy looks around Picking on wisdom from surround The flowers pleasant the grass so green Water them with love Granting them a new sheen Boredom thy name … Continue reading Silence!


Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 499 ( Mar 27 - Apr 02, 2020) The cities are quiet, the roads are clean Mother Earth is glowing in newfound sheen Pollutants reduced, fresh air increased Such is the effect of Corona scare indeed Families sit together to pray and eat No longer the rush for errands … Continue reading THE PAUSE

My Mother

A mother is nature's best boon to someone. Her significance is so immense in a person's life that she remains a vital part of life in life and after her death as well. She becomes part of one's personality.