Geeta Jayanti

It came like a silent note and struck a lovely chord.   5153 years of the Holy Book Celebrated in each corner and nook.   A worldwide Chanting of shlokas On the day 18/12/18 this Tuesday.   The lessons repeated in many minds Learning done in various kinds.   Do your duty, fear thy not … Continue reading Geeta Jayanti


The Cowardly Blow!

The ongoing abductions and killing of minorities in the name of religion are a slap on the face of humanity. This poem takes us through the journey of many young victims.


Hindu Almanac is widely based on the Lunar cycle but varies somewhat at the regional level. However various phases of the moon bring in different depictions of spiritual practices following a astrological charts. This poem is a small effort at showing how much the Hindu religion rely's on the Lunar pattern.

ONAM – Welcoming Mahabali

Onam is celebrated around harvest time in Kerala. Primarily a Hindu Festival that is celebrated as a New Year's by the Malayalee people it honours Vamana Avatar who is an incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu. The traditional attire of white Lungis and sarees with gold borders, floral decorations form a significant part of the celebratory prayers. The festival lasts for about ten days during which lots of performances of song, dance, skits are conducted by Malayalees in all parts of the world. In Kerala though the celebrations are extravagant including boat races, mask dances, martial arts display and a lot more.