The pearl within your loving heart,

Lies dormant in a lengthy sleep,

Wrapped under the protective shell,

Silently in loneliness it weeps.

Awaken O! Soul, arise you must,

Unpack the covering of your heart’s crust.

Break open from the social norms,

Peep within and fill up your forms.

The master wizard lays deep within,

The weaver spins all fabric within.

Unknown to you, the world within,

So pure and pious, just dwell within.

The sheath of rust that covers your might,

Is nothing but falsities  of Life within.

Unfold the sheath and peep within

And you shan’t ever commit a sin.

The pearl of purity ever so white,

Shines so sparkling vividly bright.

Encapsulated by the sheer wisdom

Of Divinity that never brings boredom.

Engaging, enlightening, empowering thus,

Thou learns acceptance without a fuss.

Thy heart flower emerges from its bud,

Spreading fragrance to you and yours.

The fragrance that unifies and merges,

The heart to soul and soul to purpose.

The purpose so high, the target so far,

Achieving victory by finding the pearl.

The pearl of wisdom, the ever so pure,

The God like thoughts that take you ashore.

Why waste thy time, the moments so precious,

By indulgence in trivial, frivolous thoughts vicious.

You are above those unwarranted griefs of life,

That lead you low causing misery and Strife.

In acceptance and gratitude live thy lovely life,

Discover the pearl hidden under life disguise.

It gives you an appointment with your source,

By bringing forth the Divine Light resource.

Be thy religious or study academic course,

The Divine within you shall need no discourse.

Open the Eye – of your forehead chakra,

The Magical vision of like an abracadabra.

The potion of knowledge that lay asleep,

Spreads in your brain and runs nerve deep.

The discovered untainted white pearl thine,

Awakens you to You the God, You the Divine.

The all in one and the one in all comes alive,

The world is akin to us, as to bees the beehive.

Loosen and break open the chambers of hive,

At the Core, the innermost shore, is the true Life.

The worthy shall win that priceless prize,

The trophy of the soul, The medal of the core.

The self realized, The self awakened Masters wise,

Shall place the Pearl forthright, help others to rise.





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