“Tread carefully, for you tread on my existence,

You  walk  on  the  path of  my  sustenance.”

I hear  that  little  voice in  my  imagination,

of  a  being  of  God, his  silent  creation,

and I look down as I am about  to  step,

pacing to and fro, counting  each  step.

It gave me a scare, oh! good heavens!

I would have crushed to death by sevens,

the trail of ants, busy in some celebration,

moving hurriedly in a patterned organization.

Close, very  close  to  my  sketchered  foot,

a clan of ants would have died in all likelihood.

I learnt a lesson and felt immense guilt

unknown to me wonder how many I have killed.

The lessons of my Soul’s Journey Home

I am Me, I am alone but never Alone

I have  a  role to  play  in  this so called game  of  life

My being is not just a daughter, sister, mother or wife

The goal is higher, the  purpose  is  pure

to reach higher above to the shore so obscure

Many on the path souls need the comfort and cure

a helping hand, a healing heart they need for sure.

Awareness and observation at each move of life

becoming  a  formless  form   of  ‘seva’  in  disguise.

Being so conscious of not stepping on a fallen flower

lest a bee rest inside, nourishing on it’s source of power.

Watching the backpacked snail and the slimy slug passing

changing my path to save it by diversion while walking.

Feeding  the  birds  and  gaining  the  pleasure

they help me instead and give me a leisure

lightening my soul with the heavy burden off some karma

reminding me always of my once forgotten ‘sva – dharma’ .

The duties  that  are  yet  to  be  fulfilled

saving the planet with my effort by a little bit

negating away  negative  thoughts  and  deeds

Promising a Present and a Future of positive deeds

Spreading  the  abundance  of  love  and  joy

to  all  hurting  creatures  in  pain  that  cry

Fighting terror  and  hatred  with  Love  and  Light

a  vision  when  all hearts  are vibrant  and  bright

A time when all beings,  all forms  of life shall chant’

“I love the you in me, I love the me in you”, and unite

And we all shall rejoice in the truth that is Oneness

beyond forms & faiths, creeds & castes reigns our Supremeness

” I am an entity of God, hence I am part God ” be the knowledge

“Thus I must act like God and demolish all corrupt thought”.

It is my job to change my thinking, save the life boat from sinking

shed the unwanted dogma, cheating and mindful shrinking.

With the activated glands of Pineal and pituitary

passing  through  the  rings  of  fire  with  victory.

Undertaking the tasks of world’s responsibility

saving the society with knowledge and educability

Each one of us must realize our purpose of life

is greater, much greater than silly divisions of rife.

Acceptance of all pleasant and unpleasant in attitude

Learning to live with forgiveness and gratitude

Be the key mantra to the pleasures and happiness of life,

go with the flow and enjoy the sometime bumpy ride of life.

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