Published in the Asian Weekly issue # 302


When the mind is without all fear
Life takes no halt to change the gear
Every being is to each other dear
And love dwelleth holding glee and cheer

When the peace cometh without a care
Fearlessly thou shall wander with dare
No news shall bring forth any scare
And inhibitions will be a fare so rare

When flights of fantasy soar flying high
Imaginations that rise to touch the sky
Faiths doth so faithful no one can buy
And dreams chase happiness like a spy

When abundant is each heart’s health
Joy, peace pills are the greatest wealth
Hours of days unmeasurable by a twelfth
And no one ever lives in disguised stealth

When oneness in life shall so unite
The hearken brook and the mighty tide
The seedlings, animals, fruits and flowers
And the earth, water, fire, air together abide

When hungers all to the brim satiated
Every soul enabled, awakened, facilitated
No one insecure and never ever agitated
And the fashion of love is never outdated

When light of divinity shines so bright
That every life breathes glowing light
From baseless rituals there be respite
And the divine wisdom is easy delight

When winds of hatred see despair
Freedom from bondage climbs its stair
Words get penned with worthy flair
And birdlike wings take to the air

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